Increase Productivity by Outsourcing Your Data Entry

Data entry to your database can be very time consuming and many agents just wont do it. Imagine being able to take a photo of your open home visitor register with your smart phone and emailing it to your Virtual Assistant who can enter all the names and emails in to your database with reminders for you to follow up first thing Monday morning.

Your Virtual Assistant can also send out emails on your behalf thanking your clients for visiting your open home just 30 minutes after they have just inspected. A copy of any relevant documents of the sales contract, rates notice, disclosure statements etc can also be included in this email.

Here is an example of what can be emailed on your behalf:


Hi Steve

Thanks for visiting my open home today at 6 Smith St, Tugun. Please see attached the following documents:

* Sales contract

* Body corporate disclosure statement

* Council rates

* Water rates

* Site plan with easements

* Property brochure

* Floor plan

If you would like to submit an offer or if you have any questions, please feel free to call otherwise I’ll touch base with you early next week.

If this property isn’t quite what you’re looking for, click on this link “My Properties For Sale”



Your Agent


The feedback we have had from buyers receiving all the property details so quickly after the open homes has been very positive.Data Entry Service

In fact agents have reported that they have picked up listings from potential sellers due to the extra level of service that had been provided.

Outsourcing your data entry requirements increases productivity by improving the level of efficiency in your organization. Data entry is high-volume, time consuming work that depends on accuracy and speed.

When you’re handling a large number of documentation with different headings and categories focusing on work rate and precision at the same time creates a serious predicament because these are two very disparate objectives. Speed will compromise accuracy and vice versa.


This dilemma will be expertly resolved simply by outsourcing your data entry. Outsourcing is the process of delegating or transferring services to a third party which presents comparative advantages in cost and economies of scale. Comparative cost advantages are prevalent in remote locations such as the Philippines and India where wage rates are approximately one-third of those in more developed countries. Economies of scale present itself when the volume of work increases because the incremental cost of outsourcing work decreases.

The comparatively low wage rates in the Philippines and India are not indicative of the quality of work. In fact, data entry agents in these countries are reputed for their skill, accuracy and adherence to your turnaround time or TAT which is why they are such in high demand.

Agents from the Philippines are well known for their high level of proficiency in the written and spoken English. The Philippines at 96% has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. India is widely-recognized as one of the premiere destinations for work involving Information Technology. Both countries have abundant populations and are lush with fine talent.

Outsourcing your data entry work will provide you with these benefits:

  1. Lowers cost of operation
  2. Higher productivity
  3. Better organization
  4. Greater efficiency
  5. Quality Control


Outsourcing your data entry requirements is the best solution for increasing the productivity of your business. It saves you time, money, resources and allows you to stay focused on attending to matters directly related to growing your business.