Database Management & Creation Using A VA

database management virtual assistant

Most Principals and agents agree that database management is the cornerstone of a successful real estate career, however many just don’t have the time, patience or know how to get the most out of their databases.

The real estate business involves several processes to drive prospects successfully through the sales funnel. But it all starts with building a list of prospects or leads and this requires skill, ingenuity, creativity and a lot of hard work.

The database houses all the important information on customers, properties, prospective buyers and sellers. In real estate, the relationship with the customer does not end with the completion of the transaction. On the contrary, the relationship is just beginning!

Studies have shown that if an agent retains 5% of his customers, it can result in a 75% increase in profitability. Thus, it is important for agents to regularly update customer information in their data base.

Many agents can be overwhelmed by this tasks any quite often the data base is not given enough attention.

We offer virtual assistance services on database management and creation.

Our virtual assistants go through a rigid qualifying process and undergo comprehensive training on managing and creating databases. Many have had years of experience managing databases of real estate agents.

Our virtual assistants are capable of creating databases that are efficiently organized and systematic. They understand the value of the database to your profession and will work diligently to make sure it is regularly updated.

Imagine what this level of activity could do for your business!

Whether you are currently using Outlook, My Desktop, Locked On, Renet Agent Box, Rest, Console, Property Tree, Property Me or one of the many other great CRMs out there, (or none at all) our staff will be able to assist you with turning your database in to your most valuable asset.