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Outsource Workers is an Australian based company that specialises in providing trained virtual assistants based in the Philippines for Real Estate Agents and Agencies .

Best of all the cost is just $7 per hour! Yes, you can hire a real estate VA for as low as that.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about our virtual assistant services.

"Appointing my virtual assistant Sheryl through Outsource Workers to work on the back end tasks has enabled me to focus on the core activities of my business which helps me achieve that work / life balance we are all searching for."
Wendy Russell
Buyers Agent

"All those jobs that you and your people don’t like doing, or just don’t have time suddenly get all the love and attention to streamline your day to day business and system. You have to be mad not to get on board for this value."
Silvio Bevacqua
Ray White Commercial

"The service provided by Outsource Workers was extremely cost effective, accurate and efficient. Once the task at hand was explained they delivered exactly what was asked."
Mason Garten

virtual assistant workers

Some call them superhuman, we call them Virtual Assistants.

At Outsource Workers, we provide Virtual Assistants for the real estate industry. As a real estate agent, I’ve experienced first hand the demands of the real estate business. There is always so much work to do; from data entry, responding to inquiries and prospecting.  We extensively screen and interview each new VA and equip them with the necessary skills to make a real difference to your business from their first day allowing you to focus on the dollar productive tasks.

Smart, reliable, personable virtual assistant.

Starting from $7 an hour

Get a dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistant for just a fraction of what an in-office employee would cost!

Become more dollar productive today!

Hiring a remote employee frees you up from doing non-essential tasks so you can attend to matters that directly relate to the success of your business. At Outsource Workers, you can be rest assured, your business will be under the care of the best and most qualified virtual hands in the industry! The real estate VA will make you super productive.

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"Brett was extremely helpful on all levels and always went the extra mile whenever I had a question or needed help. His relaxed and helpful manner has been a pleasure."
Charles Wiggett
Brisbane Real Estate

"I’ve had enjoyed a great experience with Brett and his team at Outsource Workers, their systems and communication skills are excellent. As a real estate agent it was important that my VA was familiar with real estate software and Brett selected my VA who knew exactly what I did and why."
Geoff Grist
Richardson & Wrench Mosman

virtual Assistant
We have been using the services of Outsourced Workers for the past three months and cannot fault or be more happy with the quality of service; efficiency in selecting the right VA candidates and ongoing support. If you are considering adding VA's to your team, I have no hesitation in recommending Brett & his team.
Manos Findikakis
Eview Group

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Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Since the new millennium, business conditions have become more volatile. Strategies that focus on coming up with the “Perfect Plan” will only end up failing. In times of uncertainty, you need to focus on strategies that improve business flexibility. Outsourcing to the Philippines allows you the flexibility to safely navigate through economic turbulence.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines?

  • Lower Cost of Business – Reducing business cost remains the number one reason why companies outsource to the Philippines. By outsourcing, you capitalize on the lower cost of manpower. You can streamline business costs from 40% to 70% simply by outsourcing services to our remote staff.
  • Improve Business Productivity – Companies usually outsource non-core functions to the Philippines. This way, they can focus more on the core business of the company. Also, the cost savings companies generate from outsourcing can be used to fund special projects or departments such as Research and Development or Marketing and Promotions.
  • Increase Business Flexibility – Do you want your company running 24/7 without added cost? Hire a remote staff member from the Philippines that can cover after office hours. Never lose an opportunity and always have inquiries and concerns attended to immediately. This will enhance your business reputation and the quality of your customer service.
  • Improve Quality of Work – Outsourcing is the ONLY business strategy where you can lower the cost of business without compromising the quality of work. We have many talented candidates who have extensive experience in various skilled jobs in the Philippines. This is why the Philippines continues to be the preferred destination for global outsourcing.
  • Create Strategic Partnerships – The second reason why businesses continue to outsource to the Philippines is to build strategic partnerships. Companies realize that transitioning to strategic partnerships or ventures is more efficient because they are able to establish new markets for products and services. It is no surprise that eventually companies shift from an outsourcing strategy to offshoring.

Outsourcing has been identified as the “new growth engine” in the Philippines. It has generated millions of new jobs and spurred the economy to new heights of prosperity.

The Philippine government has always maintained a supportive position on the outsourcing industry. There are active discussions in the government to open up or liberalize several key industries to private entities.

Liberalizing key industries such as telecommunications, human resources and public utilities will open up new opportunities for foreign investments and will further lower the cost of business in the Philippines.

Outsourcing becomes a more attractive solution because it will not only streamline costs and improve business productivity but it may open doors for your business to expand your products and services to new markets.

The global outsourcing industry has continued its upward trend since the year 2000. It proves there is a direct relationship between the growth of outsourcing and increasing global business volatility. As economies continue to struggle, the demand for outsourcing services will remain high.

Uncertainty is not a trend; that is the way of the New Economy. With technology constantly evolving, political and economic barriers being torn down, global warming and the continuing influence of the Internet, flexibility is the key to achieving long term growth and sustainable success.

Outsource to the Philippines and watch your business grow in the face of economic turbulence and turmoil!