3 Important Questions To Ask Your Outsourcing Services Provider

Choosing the right outsourcing services provider is arguably less time-consuming than holding interviews for job applicants. You’ll also save a large amount of money hiring an online assistant for small tasks as opposed to hiring a full-time employee. However, the same amount of scrutiny should be applied when canvasing for an outsource servicing company.
They may be third-party, but the quality of their work and work ethics should still mesh well with your company’s own.

There are many factors to consider; professionalism, time difference, language barrier, price, and specializations are a few of the most important ones. Don’t hire just anyone right off the bat based purely on the information on their website. We highly recommend you test the waters first and ask at least these 3 important questions to any potential outsource vendor.

1. What are your credentials and training processes?


Some outsourcing services have virtual assistants that work freelance or have varying work ethics, so you wouldn’t really know beforehand just how competent of an assistant will be assigned to you. Outsourcing services that require their employees to undergo a certain amount of training are most likely more standardized in their outputs. It’s also a good idea to ask them for references, such as former clients, so you can personally ask how satisfied they were with the company’s services and what else to expect from the outsource vendor.

2. What security measures do you have in place for the safety of crucial data?


In hiring an outsourcing services provider, you’re inviting a complete stranger to take a peek into the processes and goings-on in your company. Depending on the type of work you want done, they may have access to crucial information that shouldn’t fall in the hands of just anyone. Ask who exactly will have access to your data, and what methods they use to prevent the transfer of information, strategies, or contacts from one client to another. Have them clearly explain how they intend to protect your data from a third party.

3. How do you charge for your services?


As an advertising strategy, outsourcing services will endorse the lowest possible price for their services. What the client doesn’t know is that there may be hidden charges for certain tasks that the vendor wasn’t upfront about during the discussion of the assignment. Inquire how flexible or rigid their fees are, and how exactly they plan to charge their clients. This is of absolute importance so there are no disappointing surprises on your end.

At the end of the day, you should be more than satisfied with the outsource vendor’s knowledge, game plans, and processes. Outsourcing is supposed to benefit you and your company, so you need to be sure that your relationship with your provider would be a healthy one wherein you won’t need to waste your time overseeing every step of the assignment. A competent virtual assistant will know exactly what he/she is doing with a little supervision from the client once the task has been explained thoroughly, and you can be free to proceed with the more important tasks.

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