3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Virtual Assistant


Are you a busy person with too many administrative tasks to handle?

Are you in need of someone to assist you but don’t want another employee in the office?

Then the answer to that problem would be to hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant (or a VA) is a skilled independent contractor who provides administrative or specialized services to businessmen, managers, and entrepreneurs. If you hire a virtual assistant, you could free yourself up to focus on more important areas of your life and business, including taking a much-needed time off.

Here are a few things to ask yourself before you hire a VA.

This video may help you why you need VA

What are the tasks you would like a virtual assistant to handle for you?

Keep in mind that you can obtain a VA to carry out a very diverse range of highly skilled tasks according to their areas of expertise and your requirements. It would all depend on finding the most appropriate VA to suit your professional needs. Before hiring, make a list of projects that you need to be done. In that way, you would know which expertise you need in a VA before you hire.

Will you be able to afford the expenses when you hire a virtual assistant?

After you make the list of projects that you want to delegate to your VA, identify which are the easy tasks from the complex ones. The easy but time consuming tasks are usually those done by just copying and pasting information, entering details or data entry, updating spreadsheets ,etc. If these would be your required tasks, you can pay a lower hourly rate. When your project covers more complex and sensitive tasks, make sure to hire a virtual assistant that already has experience and knowledge that matches your needs so it won’t take him or her more hours to work on your project than the usual VA. Always make sure you pay a fair price for the completed work to ensure repeat service.

How do you ensure that the virtual assistant is reliable?

Working history is good start that the applicant is experienced. When you hire a virtual assistant, you can view the contractor’s working history or have an interview. Make sure to ask if he or she can really perform the task – ask questions directly related to your project. One smart thing you can also do is to give a trial task to know if the VA can deliver the tasks well and on the agreed time of submission. You can also refer to outsourcing agencies like www.outsourceworkers.com.au. Although it would cost you more, you are certain that the virtual assistant has enough training and experience, is deserving and reliable, and is being monitored by the agency while the VA works for you.