3 Social Media Tools to Help Your Virtual Assistant Build Your Brand

Smart social media marketing should include smart virtual service –a clear vision an innovative toolbox and a talented virtual assistant to execute.

Regardless of the size of your business, people are talking about your brand mostly through social media and blogs. This article will help you find the best social media marketing tool for your brand.

Let’s start!

8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools

Hootsuite: The Name of The Game


If you want a tool to access all your social media accounts in one just one click, Hootsuite is for you. It is a third-party tool or application designed to integrate your social media account streams into one dashboard. You can write, send, schedule and track your posts from a handy dashboard across multiple social media platforms. It makes brand monitoring easier than opening all those accounts in a browser.

Moreover, you can add your team mates and monitor their work-flow and performance. No downloads needed, just an internet connection for web-based tool like this.

Hootsuite is a social media management system which allows you to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+, Instagram, and more accounts from one place. It even allows you to manage profiles, events, group and pages.

Aside from that, you can schedule your social media updates. If you are anticipating a really good party later this evening but you are worried about your brand’s update, you can set the time for your posts and enjoy your life.

 The tool also comes with RSS integration, customer support and customized analytics.

 Buzzsumo: The Influencer


Buzzsumo helps you identify links that are most shared on social networks. Aside from that, you can search for influencers relevant to your brand.

This tool provides social share information that includes Google+ shares, Facebook likes, LinkedIn shares and Twitter shares. Get a lot of relevant content ranging from articles to infographic to videos which you can use to build your brand.

Are you in mood to check competitors? You can check domains through Buzzsumo and monitor pages with the most social shares.

The best thing about Buzzsumo? Well, it’s FREE!

 Mention: Talk about Me

Mention allows you to monitor mentions (obviously) of your own brand. That’s for free! But if you want to see how other brands are doing it, pay a reasonable price and see their social mentions as well.

This tool is efficient because it also gives you blogs, aside from social mentions.

So, what’s the fuzz about this? Remember that listening is essential in marketing. When you know who mentions you and what other people are saying about you, you have a good grasp of effective tactics and networking for your brand.

These tools are proven effective, but the success hugely lies on your implementation. Remember to coordinate well with your virtual assistant about her tasks and leave no communication gap.

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