4 Tools That Allow You to Monitor Your Virtual Assistant’s Productivity

Working with a virtual assistant is both convenient and beneficial. It’s one of the most effective business solutions which allow you to increase your productivity. It also has its own set of challenges such as monitoring the performance of your virtual assistant. As an employer, you need to use quantifiable metrics to best assess your VA’s productivity. Today we’ll look at four tools that could help you do just that.


Track Your Virtual Assistant Through… Hubstaff

track your virtual assistant - Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a great platform for time tracking. In fact, not only does it keep track of the time spent by your virtual assistant but also her activity such as mouse clicks and keyboard strikes. It also takes random screenshots so you can see what she’s working on. Hubstaff provides reports and timesheets to employers. These can be tied to PayPal so you can pay your virtual assistant based on the time report. It also has a team dashboard where you can have an overview of the projects your team is working on. You can also see in the dashboard which of them are online and the tasks they’re doing.


Their Tasks On… Trello

Track Your Virtual Assistant - Trello

Trello is a sleek online organizer that allows you keep track of everything from the smallest tasks to the biggest projects. Its brilliant “cards” system gives you the big picture at a glance. You can write notes, add a checklist, and attach files on these cards. You can place those cards under specific lists to monitor the progress of your virtual assistant, categorize your projects, or simply organize your work day. The cards consists of a front and back part. The front part consists of icons that give you a quick overview of the contents of that card. The back part gives you the full information such as project details, comments, deadlines, attachments, and so much more.


Check Their Efficiency With… Yast

Track Your Virtual Assistant - Yast

Yast is another time tracking platform that is practically the same as Hubstaff but is more known for its simplicity and ease of use. With one click you can start and stop your time. A color-coded timeline shows which projects you’ve devoted most of your time on. You can also share a timer to anyone on your team by simply inputting their email address. Yast also allows you to save timesheets as PDF, Excel, and CSV. You can also print time reports by user or by team. On your dashboard, you can also view the time totals and sub-totals of your team. Its coolest feature is its ability to track time using your mobile device.


Check Out Their Consistency Through… Velocity


Velocity is one of the main features of Pivotal Tracker which is a project management software. Velocity is like a speedometer that measures how fast it took your VA to finish her task. It predicts if you’ll be able to finish your project on time based on the rate you’re going. Using this feature, you can adjust deadlines or involve more people to work on the task to make sure that you finish it on time. You can also override the velocity and explore hypothetical scenarios. You can also return the velocity to its original values. No one else can see overridden velocities except you.


How to Monitor Your Online Reputation

These measuring tools will help you manage your VAs work more effectively and efficiently. It will also help you evaluate if your virtual assistant deserves to be extended or you need to get a new one. These tools can also be used within your in-house team for more efficient tracking and project management. You can try these tools for free and you can also opt for paid versions if you find the one that suits you best.

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