4 Ways You Can Reward an Online Assistant and Win Their Loyalty

Trust is not built overnight, so is loyalty. We interact with each other based on the state of our loyalty, even in the workplace. Failure to maintain it may lead to losing your employees at a fast rate which hampers your company’s productivity as you are left with novice workers. In an era when people from all places can work for you – go thank the internet for it – winning the loyalty of your workers, including virtual workers such as an online assistant, is an advantage.

The following are some ways you can reward your workers and win their loyalty:

1. Hi-five for good vibes!

Frederick Herzberg listed recognition as one of the main motivators for employees. Who doesn’t want a tap on the back, a hi-five, or a simple “Good job!” after an excellent work? If you are working with online assistants, you may not able to give them face-to-face remarks but that’s what e-mails and chats are for. Emoticons are another way, too. Nothing beats a message of appreciation with a smile.

2. Money is the root of all evil… and work, too!

Admit it or not, people work for money’s sake. We all need to provide for ourselves; and a financial reward for an excellent work is much appreciated anywhere else on the planet. After several months of attaining goals for the company, give your workers incentives or a salary increase. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose a powerful asset, would you?

3. All work and no train is a big NO.

Employees are humans, too. They may run out of knowledge and ideas. Some tasks may appear tedious over time. But not with constant training. When you train your workers, you fuel them with fresh knowledge that can further develop their potentials. However, if you work with a virtual team – perhaps an online assistant or the like – training may be a bit challenging. You can send relevant e-books and links to your workers, and discuss the topic with each other via chat or e-mail, to help them grow. Doing this will make your worker feel important and boost their loyalty to you.

4. With a chitchat here and a chitchat there.

Reduce awkwardness from your workplace. Try to ask how your workers are doing. Greet them especially on occasions. Smile often. In work set-ups where there is greater physical distance between you and your employees, get in touch with them through social media. Favorite that witty tweet of your online assistant. Send him an e-mail greeting on his birthday. Like that Facebook post about vacation he is very fond of. Come on, a little bit of friendliness won’t kill you!

Remember, an employer-employee situation is still a relationship, and like any other relationships, a strong commitment is a must for both parties. Nobody wants to work with people who only care for themselves. And for the employers, don’t forget that a happy worker is a great worker.

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