Digital marketing is made up of a variety of different functions and expertise, from social media marketing to SEO to web and even software development. Most digital entrepreneurs,even if they are competent in all those areas, are unable to shoulder the burden of all of that at the same time, and so outsourcing is usually the best option.

Outsourcing in digital marketing is now an industry standard, with companies all over the world taking advantage of labor cost savings and the flexibility that remote outsourced workers provide. Whether you are just starting your journey as a digital marketer or are only now just deciding to outsource, below are four ways you can leverage this international talent pool.

Outsourcing Companies

If you are new to outsourcing and need a company to look after the process for you, why not outsource the outsourcing? One of the frontrunners for outsourcing right now is a digital marketing agency in Brisbane called Bambrick, but there are options all over the world that will help you staff your growing digital marketing company. An outsourcing company knows where to look and how to vet potential candidates so you rid yourself of the headache of perusing freelancer sites, posting job offerings, and having to sift through potentially hundreds of responses.

Outsourcing companies are great because they also have networks already established that they can use to find good quality workers, as well as contacts in the digital marketing industry. If you are interested in finding personnel without any of the hassles that usually comes with finding remote staff, an outsourcing company should be something you seriously consider.

Facebook Groups

If you are a digital marketer looking to quickly find a talent pool of global workers with good experience and an easy way to vet and interact with candidates, the digital nomad and digital jobs Facebook groups should be high on your list of places to start. These are active groups where many digital marketers come to post jobs and to see what kind of talent is out there that they might be able to leverage.

The Facebook groups usually have some posting rules and requirements, especially if you’re an employer, and you often have to be diligent about making sure that you specify applicants have English as their first language, but there are good quality marketing professionals that frequent these groups looking for work.

VAVirtual Assistants 

If you are a digital marketer and your business is getting to the stage where the opportunity cost of doing some or all of the tedious, repetitive work yourself is getting to be a significant burden, you probably want to think about outsourcing some or all of it to a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant could be a specialist at a certain thing, or it could be a general-purpose employee that is able to help you do things like send and respond to email campaigns, collect data and put it into spreadsheets and generally assists with any task that can’t be reliably automated but for which your time would be much better spent elsewhere.

Virtual assistants can help you increase your productivity, streamline and lower your business costs, and provide you with more flexibility and work-life balance. The most difficult part of hiring virtual assistants is relinquishing control over your business to someone that you are likely not going to be able to meet in person, but thousands of digital entrepreneurs around the world have seen great success with this strategy and there is no reason you can’t as well.

Proprietary Apps

Many digital entrepreneurs are looking to outcompete their competition by offering a richer and more personalized user experience, which is often accomplished via a proprietary application or software as a service. While it is not impossible to create these digital products without coding experience and understanding of programming languages, you will likely be glad you decided to spend some extra money on an outsourced professional for the job. If you have a sound idea for a web or mobile application and the budget for it, one of the best ways a digital entrepreneur can leverage the world of outsourced digital expertise is by outsourcing the development work.


The digital marketing landscape is extremely competitive and digital entrepreneurs must take advantage of every competitive edge available to them. Much of the industry relies on outsourced labor, especially to help alleviate some of the burden on owners and free up time for strategic decision-making and growth planning.

Facebook groups for digital nomads and freelance digital workers are great places to begin your search for outsourced labor, and outsourcing agencies can make the process even easier for you. Whether you are in need of one or more virtual assistants or are looking for a developer to help bring your dream of a proprietary application or software to life, there is an outsourced option for almost everything.