5 Perks Your Virtual Assistant Should Be Enjoying

Having a virtual assistant (VA) is similar to having an office employee. They also need motivation and certain incentives to encourage them to work harder. Your VA is dedicated to you whether she’s full time or part time. She is setting aside specific work hours for your tasks and her efforts should be acknowledged in one way or another. If you have a very efficient virtual assistant then you’re very fortunate and you ought to know that your VA is a keeper. Here are five benefits you can give your VA to keep her motivated in her job:

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Fair Compensation.

It’s true that many businesses outsource VAs because it’s cheaper but it doesn’t mean that you’ll pay someone $2 per hour for a huge amount of work. Know the current rate for VAs and look at it in contrast to your market rate. Assess the expertise, skill, and experience of your virtual assistant and pay her with a rate proportionate to these areas. Remember that some of these VAs are bread winners who live in third world countries. They need to provide well for their family, too.



Nothing will make your virtual assistant happy than receiving bonuses for a job well done. Look at your VA’s performance every six months and see if she has exhibited significant improvement. Reward that progress. If she finished a project ahead of time and the quality is outstanding then give her a bonus for that, too. Knowing that she can get rewarded for something exceptional will motivate her to work even better and strive for excellence all the more.


Holiday considerations.

Your official holidays are different from your VAs especially if they’re not from your country. You may be asking them to work on a regular day for you but a holiday in their country. Give them something extra for working that day. It could mean giving them a higher rate for that specific holiday. You can also have them work half day so they can enjoy the rest of the holiday with their family. Your virtual assistant needs to know that you also value their work-life balance by giving them certain holiday considerations.


Birthday surprises.

Show your appreciation for your virtual assistant by giving them gifts on their birthdays. You can send them gift certificates or vouchers which they can use online to purchase something they like. You can also mail them an actual gift for a more personal touch. You can grant them a birthday leave or an overnight stay in a hotel which you can book online. These little things will make your VA feel valued, which in turn, will increase her loyalty and dedication to you as her employer.


Health care incentive.

You may not know this but health care in other countries, particularly those in the third world, are a whole lot cheaper than those in first world countries. Having said that, it would be good to sponsor health care benefits for your virtual assistant. If your VA has been with you for a long time and she has proven her excellence and efficiency consistently then a health benefit would be a big reward for her. You can ask your VA to inquire the rates and email them to you. You can then decide how much you’re willing to cover.

These perks are just some of the many things you can provide your VA. If you have employee incentive schemes, your VA should have that, too. It need not be as comprehensive or expensive. What matters is you’re able to show your appreciation outside of her normal salary. When your VA sees you as a considerate employer, she will be more encouraged to give her best for your company. It all boils down to valuing your best asset which is your people and your VA is part of it.