5 Reasons Why Filipino Virtual Assistants Are the Best


Digital media consumption, including social media and mobile internet usage, accounts for 57% of daily media time – globally. That’s according to GlobalWebIndex, a market research company for digital consumers. It means millions of people surfing the Internet at the same time! That fact plus the rapid progress of information and communications technology changed the way people do business. Gone are the days when businessmen would hire people for secretarial services. Today is the era of virtual assistants.


Why Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines?

When it comes to hiring virtual assistants, Filipinos should top that list in your mind. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Filipinos do not just speak English. They are fluent in it.

That’s one of the advantages of 48 years under American colonization. Older Filipinos even learned their English language first hand from natural English-speaking American soldiers. English has always been part of educational curriculum. In Philippines, even a street food vendor can give you a sales talk in English!

With the level of English skills of Filipinos, there is no more room for language barrier. You can be sure that your virtual assistant can do the job efficiently without getting lost in translation. It ensures you that you understand each other. That’s one item off your worries.

2. Filipinos have a big heart for Western culture.

Filipinos adore Western culture – a lot! They play basketball, eat burgers and fries, hang out in McDonalds, listen to the top songs in Billboards, and watch the latest movies from Hollywood. They even anticipate the next episode of Game of Thrones and follow George RR Martin on Twitter. Filipinos cry over tickets for One Direction concert and join promos just to watch Taylor Swift!

3. Filipinos value education more than anything else!

Filipino parents want the best for their children – and even want their children to surpass them. They are the kind of people who think that failure to send their kids to school is worse than losing a job. Parents will always find ways for education. They borrow money, sell properties, file one loan after another, work two jobs at a time – and the list goes on! So expect your Filipino virtual assistants to be educated and skilled.

4. There’s no such thing as time difference.

Well, there is. But you will feel as if there is none when you hired Filipino virtual assistants. Have you ever imagined waking up with your tasks done? That is basically what happens when you hired virtual assistants from Philippines. The time difference will allow you to sleep comfortably and wake up the next day with the task finished!

Filipinos also love working at night. So, if you want them to work according to your time frame, it is not a problem.

5. There are savings in hiring Filipinos.

You just pay more or less $5 an hour when you outsourced in Philippines! That’s a far cry from that $25 an hour when you hire locally. $5 is a good starting rate for Filipinos. Of course, highly specialized skills require higher payment but that would still be much cheaper. Imagine the money you’ll save when you hire a Filipino virtual assistant who can do everything an actual secretary can do.

Outsourcing helps you save money, time and effort. But it becomes more efficient when you hire the right people. So, carefully chose the people you would want to work for you.

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