5 Ways Online Assistants Can Impress Their Clients

Just because you are an online assistant doesn’t mean you can’t impress your clients. Your lack of face-to-face interaction won’t hinder your clients to notice you. In fact, if you are working virtually, all the more that you need to impress them and not just slack off.

Impress Your Boss or Influence Your Clients

Here’s some easy ways to impress your clients so they’ll want to work with you:

1. Go the extra-mile.

Do thingsthat are beyond your call of duty. If you want to keep your clients, take the initiative to win their loyalty. Anticipate what needs to be done even before they ask.

Once all your work has been completed, go ask your client what else you can do. It shows your clients that you are not merely using them to earn money, but you actually care for them. This kind of attitude builds up your client’s trust on you – a great potential for repeat clients!

2. Go beyond the expectations.

Isn’t it impressive to see someone do more than what was expected of him or her? Don’t be like others who feed their clients delays, excuses and problems.

If your internet is down, make a way to be connected. There’s no acceptable excuse for failure to deliver what you and your clients agreed upon. It’s important thing to note that your clients can replace you anytime, and there are millions of people who, like you, are willing to work online!

3. Go beyond the problem.

Your clients approach you to get something done, so expect (and understand) their worries and stress. Respond to them with the perspective of ‘let’s find the solution’ and use the resources around you to get things done well.

Show them your expertise. Offer your clients suggestions on how you think the problem or issue or work should be addressed. You need to be resourceful and patient in this but an online assistant who is a pro-active problem solver is a great asset to the clients!

4. Go beyond what you know.

You do not know everything. Admit and accept it. Learn more about your field. The internet offers an abundance of resources to help you. Read blogs. Download PDF or ebook files. Ask experts.

Have a passion for improvement. You are living in a world where nothing is permanent except change. Something updated and better – whether a new tool or a new knowledge – will always come across your way. When you encounter something you do not know, study it.

You’ll never know if something is relevant or useful to you unless you explore it. There’s nothing wrong in discovering what you can still do or learn.

5. Go and work.

There’s a big difference between talking what you can do and actually doing it. It’s the top secret to impress clients. You do not have to beat around the bush and shower them with flattery. Millions of people around you are also running after clients through telling them what they can do. Stand out. Do what needs to be done – with excellence! Enough of talking the talk. It’s time to walk the walk.

Impressing your clients is a good attitude. You win their loyalty and even the loyalty of their friends if they refer you. Don’t just make stellar first impression. Make impression that will last.

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