Since 2020, it’s said that more and more Australians have been working from home due to the looming health concerns. With the benefits that working from home brings to many, it also carries drawbacks that not everyone might be aware of initially. While having to wake up a few minutes before your shift would sound so convenient and fun, it might bring disadvantages for your end.

As years pass by, it’s safe to say that working from home isn’t for everyone, no matter how convenient and time-saving it is. If your mental and physical state is getting left behind, it might be the time for you to move to a coworking space Melbourne and surrounding areas, allowing you to work with other peers and expand your knowledge.

To help you decide better, listed below are the signs it’s time to move to a coworking space:

You’ve Gone Anti-Social

As you’ve been working from home for years, you might not be able to communicate with other people as you’re stuck all alone. You can just imagine how many days have gone by wherein you haven’t uttered a single word as you have no one to talk to but yourself. While you can always chat and text people, seeing them in person hits you differently. When this happens, you might not feel too comfortable speaking with other people as you’re used to being all alone.

However, if you choose to move and live back with your family as you work from home, so you could have someone to talk to, it might be draining to only speak with them for years. Even if you can see the actual person you’re speaking with, having other people to talk to would help to boost your socialization.

To free yourself from the work from home cage, having a coworking space would be a great solution, especially since you get to talk with different people every day.

Missing Out On Networking Opportunities

Even if you’re constantly communicating with your peers and colleagues, consistently working from home might limit your networking reach and opportunities, forcing you to be stuck in the same loop repeatedly. If you notice that your networking group isn’t expanding or you’re constantly talking with the same people frequently, without any room for expansion, it’s the perfect time to move to a coworking space.

A coworking space allows you to be around different people that handle various businesses. While you can make a new friend, you might also have a new business partner with which you can work together and make some magic happen.

As you expand the people you get to talk to every day, the higher networking opportunities might open up your door. This will help you explore new experiences and open up new businesses.

Losing Productivity

Since you’re working from home, you’re constantly inside your comfort zone, wherein everything you need is just around the corner. As you have your electronic gadgets with you, they might divert your attention from work, and you would rather play games instead. Moreover, since the fridge is just a few steps away, you might cloud your thoughts with what food to eat rather than focusing on finishing your tasks.

As you notice a slow movement in your work productivity, you might want to consider moving into a coworking space. This will help you free yourself from all of your home’s distractions, including your fridge, books, and gaming consoles. This way, you can divert your full attention to work and prevent yourself from checking your phone or the refrigerator and doing something unrelated to work, pushing you to be unproductive.

You Need To Meet Clients

If your work requires you to meet with your clients, working from home might be the best option. While you can always schedule a video meeting with your clients, there’s nothing better than being able to see your client face-to-face. This will help to establish a good relationship and promote better communication.

With a coworking space, you can finally show yourself to your clients and be able to communicate with them as you normally would. You can free yourself from worrying if they can understand or hear you well, as you do everything in person. This way, you can communicate and exchange words better, allowing for a preferable result.

You Need More Space

You Need More Space

Even if you use your single computer and a computer desk to get the job done, there might come a time wherein you’ll demand more space so you can be more comfortable and productive during your work hours. Nonetheless, if you can only work with limited space, a coworker space might be an excellent idea for you. This way, you don’t have to force yourself into tight spaces as you can enjoy the expanded room.

Further, as you work from home, you might need to invite some of your colleagues to better collaborate on ideas and designs. While video conferencing might be a great help, seeing people in person promotes better communication and understanding with one another.

As you move into your home to meet up and collaborate on ideas, your allotted space might not be enough for everyone to fit in. With a coworking space, you can allow everyone to sit comfortably and share ideas about business growth.

Starting To Hate Work

Some people might develop a bad feeling towards work, especially if they’re constantly working from home. In regular cases of traveling to work, you can let your stress out on the road and allow happy emotions to be with you as you arrive from work. Yet as you work from home, you can’t put your stress anywhere as your happy place can also be the place where your pressure develops. Having a coworking space would be a great solution to help manage your emotions.

To care for your emotional and mental health, switching to a coworking space enables you to keep your home your Zen and your coworking space as your focus zone. This way, you can jungle your emotions and prevent yourself from making work annoying, as you can leave that in your coworking space.

The Verdict

After years of working from home, now would be the perfect time to evaluate if moving to a coworking space would be the best for your productivity and sanity. While it might require you to adjust your morning routine as you prepare to go to work, the benefits it’ll bring to your body and mind would be worth it. It might be what you’ve always been needing all along.