Real estate agents are among the busiest professionals around, and with good reason! When you’re doing home tours, making client calls, and checking in with potential buyers, your 24 hours in a day may not seem enough.

And that’s not even mentioning all the administrative work back in the office, such as arranging calendars, organising paperwork, and staying on top of your online ads on different social media platforms.

So when we followed a real estate agent who spent $60 every day for four weeks on an outsourced real estate virtual assistant (instead of choosing to go DIY with all of his tasks), we were not surprised that these were the results:

He spent less time on training

Because the real estate virtual assistant is already screened and trained by the outsourcing company, the real estate agent didn’t go through the usual rigours of the recruitment process. Outsourcing a real estate virtual assistant proved to be more convenient, as there was less time — and energy — spent on screening, hiring, and training.

His schedule became more organised!

After four weeks of outsourcing a virtual assistant for real estate, the real estate agent found that his calendar became more organised. Meetings are scheduled efficiently, and there is enough time allotted for high-value client-facing tasks such as property visits and house tours.

Yes, he got more work done.

Because he wasn’t handling tasks such as cold calling, file organisation, and other back-office responsibilities, the real estate agent found that he got more work done AND was more engaged when interacting with his clients.

He was also able to finally focus on other important matters, such as updating his marketing strategy — something he never really had time to do before because of his busy schedule.

Outsourcing a real estate virtual assistant also meant greater efficiency for his company, as he cut back on the part of his labor expenses.

He was able to enjoy dinners with his family!

Work-life balance can be elusive for many real estate professionals, especially when their agency is in the starting stage. Thankfully, for this real estate agent, having a remote virtual assistant freed up plenty of time for him, which he was able to spend with his family during weekends and holidays.

This real estate agent can be you.

If you’re looking to grow your agency and be on top of high-value responsibilities, there’s no better time than now to hire an outsourced real estate virtual assistant.

With a virtual real estate assistant, you don’t have to worry anymore about missing out on quality time with family to accomplish business goals. Neither do you have to compromise between scaling your company and spending time developing your network — having a real estate virtual assistant allows you to do both and more.

Outsourcing gives you back the time and energy you need to focus on where you’re required most while you feel secure that back-office tasks are handled by a remote skilled professional.