Warren Buffet’s phenomenal success as an investor is known the world over. On top of his reputation as a philanthropist and mentor, he is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational holding company engaged in insurance, freight rail transportation, manufacturing, retailing, and energy generation and distribution.

 With all the hustle and bustle that comes with being a business powerhouse, one can only assume that Warren Buffet surrounds himself with the right people. For one, an efficient virtual assistant is crucial in managing a calendar as consequential as Mr. Buffet’s.

When you need to push your real estate company forward, you’ll need a virtual assistant who does the work as effectively as Warren Buffet’s stellar personnel. How does the Oracle of Omaha have such a productive team?

We’ll show you how. Continue reading to learn how to have a trained real estate virtual assistant who delivers results.

Learn to outsource

Outsourcing talent has many benefits for your real estate company:

Manages payroll costs

Outsourcing is widely becoming popular as digital communication grows exponentially over the years. You can even outsource talent from countries that have lower labor rates without compromising the quality of skills you’re seeking for the role.

Outsourcing a real estate virtual assistant from a virtual assistant agency can help cut your payroll costs because it removes the expenses incurred during hiring, recruitment, and training, among others. 

More opportunity to find specialised skills

You have a more comprehensive range of candidates to choose from when you outsource. With a niche as specialised as real estate, you’ll also want to look for marketing, accounting, customer service, and organisational skills. Seeking talent through outsourcing gives you a more incredible opportunity to find that perfect fit for your organisation than if you were to search for an assistant in-house.

Flexible work contract

Depending on your real estate company’s needs, you can choose to offer flexible terms to your virtual assistant. If it’s on a per-project basis, a pay-per-job contract will do. On the other hand, some freelancers are amenable to an hourly rate, and for a full-time position, a monthly salary is suitable.

It gives you more time for high-value tasks

When you outsource real estate virtual assistant services, you’re freeing up time and energy for yourself to focus on more significant projects. As the leader of your company, you’ll want your headspace to concentrate on big-picture thinking and the provision of solutions — you are the primary decision-maker of your organisation. It would be best to focus on tasks that have impactful consequences on your bottom line.

Encourage upskilling

Having a growth mindset is crucial for having a real estate virtual assistant that contributes to your business goals. Encourage your virtual assistant to learn new skills and acquire broader industry knowledge. In time, his field of expertise will widen enough for him to give you valuable insight into the systems and processes of your business.


Time-consuming functions take you away from significant responsibilities such as hosting open houses, attending client meetings and devising strategies for your company. Delegating tasks to your real estate virtual assistant — and trusting him to do the work — will help you focus on the more essential aspects of your business.


What does a real estate virtual assistant do?

A real estate virtual assistant belongs to a specialised niche of virtual assistants. It requires knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. Having a background in marketing and good interpersonal skills is also an advantage.

One of your real estate virtual assistants can help you keep track of multiple listings. By encoding property information in a Multiple Listing Service, your assistant will save you the time it takes to upload details such as property type, location, images, and list price.

On top of the usual tasks that a regular virtual assistant fulfills, a real estate virtual assistant can help you schedule appointments with clients, organise your work calendar, take care of necessary paperwork, and manage your customer database.

What can you outsource to a virtual assistant?

Having an efficient virtual assistant can help you achieve your business goals. Office management, taking phone calls, scheduling events, coordinating meetings with partners and clients, and preparing monthly reports are tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant. He can also handle social media management, sales calls, customer support, and marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Are virtual assistants worth it?

Unless you’re keen on taking on more workload, having your virtual assistant handle administrative tasks is a great way to get results for your company. It will save you time and energy, help manage costs, and allow you to deliver better output to your clients.