At your Service: The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual PA

Running one’s own business is a gratifying experience. What can be more rewarding than being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and choosing your own projects? Except that first, you have to get through a pile of e-mails clogging your Inbox; send out several invoices; submit your press release to a dozen sites, scan and fax numerous files,and while doing all of these, you would still have to answer the phone or even make phone calls! If this sounds like your typical day – hours of tedious administrative tasks sapping your time, energy, and creativity – then it’s time to hire a virtual PA (personal assistant).

As a business owner or a solo entrepreneur, you most likely wear various hats to maintain a successful business. Effectively managing your stress and taking time for yourself is important to avoid being burnt out and ultimately the downfall of your business. Overworking, isolation and poor time management all contribute to high levels of stress.

In today’s market, many business owners are choosing to hire a virtual secretary. Outsourcing extra work to a virtual worker is one of the best alternatives to hiring additional on-site staff. Hiring a virtual assistant or virtual PA can be one of the best decisions you could ever make to maintain the success of your business. They are independent contractors who are dedicated in helping businesses succeed by providing the same service required from an onsite support staff – except they work from a remote office and uses his or own equipment and software.

A Virtual Secretary or Virtual PA is an experienced administrative professional who works for a company online. Often times, a Virtual Secretary has worked not only in administrative roles but also in marketing, Information Technology (IT), and Real Estate, depending on his credentials and past experiences. Using communication technology such as the internet, phone and fax machine to remain in contact, a Virtual PA essentially works as a business partner who can be available as often or as occasionally as required, saving you time and resources.

Deciding to hire an online worker can only not free you from spending too much money but also the means often associated with hiring an onsite staff including: taxes, holiday pay, benefits, equipment and office space.

Focus on what’s more important


Hiring a Virtual PA will give you more time to focus on your business. This will help you lessen your stress and become more effective in generating leads.

Save money


A Virtual PA can help you save money because it will only require you to pay as needed. You do not have to worry about paying for the benefits, taxes, lunch breaks and or vacation leaves since you are only paying for the time used for the tasks given.

Your behind-the-scene partner


Your Virtual PA will be the one responsible for their work space and equipment. The work remotely through the internet and use Skype and Webmail for communication.

Endless support


An online worker is well trained to provide a full business support. They will help you manage your marketing campaigns and public strategies which will help you concentrate more on how to generate revenue for your business.

Marketing Know-how


There are various strategies on marketing. The usage of the internet and social media outlets are some of the most effective marketing strategies. A Virtual PA has an excellent knowledge in managing social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. They will be responsible in updating your websites on “what’s new” on your business. They can help you manage it and think of ways on how to make your websites appealing to your leads.

You are Hiring a Professional


Keep in mind that when you hire a Virtual PA, you are hiring an individual who, prior to working as an independent contractor, spent years working as an Administrative or Executive Assistant. An exceptional Virtual PA is usually tech savvy and will have the necessary skills, knowledge and education to provide your business with an outstanding quality service.

Increased Productivity


Your new worker can ensure an increased productivity and will only require less supervision without compromising any of the tasks given. As your “Invisible partner”, they can ensure a smooth transaction between you and your clients even when you are out of the office. Hiring a Virtual PA will allow you to multi-task and be productive in and outside your office.