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If content is king, then email is the best messenger especially if you want to drive conversions. Email is often dismissed as a channel for sales conversion. This is largely because of the popularity of social media marketing. However, email remains the more active platform. There are more than 320 Billion active email users every day. Compare that with “only” 1 Billion active Facebook users.

Email also generates one of the best ROI for online marketing. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), businesses generate an average ROI of $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing.

Despite the numbers supporting the effectiveness of email, many businesses struggle to write ones that result in better conversions. They go through a by-the-numbers process and expect good results. Eventually, they end up being disappointed because targets for conversions fall short.

The problem is email is not simply a “by-the-numbers” process. It’s what happens between those “numbers” or during each stage of writing an email that will determine whether your efforts will produce better conversions or not.

4 Factors That Affect Email Conversions

There are 4 factors that affect the ability of your email to trigger a response that would lead to better conversions:

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

    According to a report by BrightEdge, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets account for 57% of all online traffic. To further support this statistic, a separate study conducted by Return Path on 27 Billion emails showed that 55% of people read their emails on a mobile device.

    If your email does not set up properly or is not responsive to a mobile device, the recipient will not be able to read it properly. The consequences will even be worse.

    70% of its recipients will delete your email right away. It will create a negative impression on your company. You may get a good number of people unsubscribing to your email list.

  2. One- Size- Fits- All Approach

    What makes content great? It has to be usable, relevant, and engaging. If you continue to follow a one- size- fits- all approach, it may not have any of these qualities.

    For a person to follow through with your CTA, he/she must find value in your content. Consumers are smart. If your content does not resonate, your audience will know you merely sent a cookie- cutter email format to them.

    When it comes to email marketing, you need to incorporate 2 components: Personalization and Segmentation. You should categorize or segment your mailing list according to need. This will help you come up with high-value, personalized emails to your subscribers.

    In fact, a study done by Campaign Monitor revealed that segmented and personalized email marketing campaigns increased revenues by 760%!

  3. Poor Email Subject Line

    The email subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see. How important is it to come up with a captivating, attention-grabbing email subject line?

    Marketing research has shown that 47% of recipients decide to open an email based on its subject line.

    If your email subject line does not resonate with your recipient, your email will not be opened. How can you expect to convert interest into sales if your email remains unopened? The subject line should express value, even a sense of urgency to the recipient.

  4. Low- Value Content

    We briefly touched on the value of content in number 2. It pays to give it more attention because it will affect the performance of your website’s landing pages.

    The CTA in your email will take your subscriber to a landing page on your website. Usually, this is the home page. Conversion rates for email can also be affected by the content found on your landing page.

    Again, it is all about value. If it does not offer usable or relevant information to the subscriber, there will be no need or urgency to explore your products and services further.

9 Tips For Writing Email That Gets Better Conversions

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In order to have high-performing, effective emails that consistently deliver results, they must have substance.

As we mentioned at the introduction of this article, email marketing should not be seen merely as a “by- the- numbers” process. It’s not what you do but how you do it that matters more when you are writing emails.

Here are 9 valuable tips that you can use to write emails to improve your conversion rate:

  1. Identify Your Goals

    We all know the value of setting goals. They give you a target; goals chart the direction for the entire campaign. In email marketing, selling a product or a service isn’t always the only goal. You could use email marketing to build your brand or create h3er relationships with your customers.

    The most important thing is to have only one goal. If you have too many goals, your campaign will be pulled in different directions. A singular goal keeps you focused.

    Identifying your goal will help you map out a plan for creating great content and distribution.

  2. Make Sure Your Emails Are Correctly Formatted

    As we mentioned earlier, your emails have to be formatted correctly so that they would be more responsive to mobile devices.

    If your email is not mobile responsive, it will not be readable. The subscriber could view your content as a nuisance and unsubscribe to your newsletter. Your email must set up properly and accommodate various screen sizes.

    The last thing you want is to have subscribers zooming in and out of your content or sliding their finger on the screen to navigate your page. A mobile responsive email will ensure better User Experience (UX).

  3. Come Up With An Enticing Subject Line

    Having people sign up for your newsletter is great. The truth is many people don’t really know or remember why they signed up. This is why you should never take your email subject line for granted.

    The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see when they come across your email. Make sure the email subject line will be good enough to entice them to open your content.

    Here are 5 tips on how to write catchy email subject lines:

    • Use questions that arouse curiosity – Do you want to lose weight without exercise?
    • Use scarcity to make the reader feel he/she is losing out – Only 5% of millennials have more than 50k in the bank.
    • Use numbers – 10 Ways to Save Gasoline
    • Use a curiosity gap – Here’s how you can make 50k in a year.
    • Personalize it – Mike, here’s how you can make 50k in a year.
  4. Include An Effective Preview Text

    The Preview Text is also visible to email recipients. Basically, the preview text tells the recipient what your email is all about. It usually shows the first line of the email.

    You can use the preview text to catch the interest of the recipient. To do that, make sure the first sentence in your email is relevant to the concern of the recipient. You can also write one that has a more urgent tone.

  5. Segment and Personalize Your Email List

    We discussed the importance of segmenting your email list. It makes it easier to personalize the content as well as the subject line.

    Consumers react more favourably to personalized content because of the perception that more thought and effort was put into it. If you took the time and effort to create content specific to a subscriber, trust that the subscriber will return the favour.

  6. Create Great Copy

    What makes copy great?

    Here is a rundown of the qualities that make content great:

    • High-Value –

      It must be relevant, informative, and usable to the recipient.

    • Readable –

      Your content must be easy to understand. Use short sentences and short paragraphs to make it an easy read. Utilize good structure to organize content. Lastly, no shouting or avoid using capital letters and exclamation points.

    • Empathize –

      Use analogies to make it easier to understand the purpose of your product or service. Include sensory words or those that refer to the sense. Another technique is the use of power words which can trigger an emotional response.

  7. Timing Is Crucial

    Take some time to study the best times to send your emails. Each subscriber will be different which is why segmenting your email list is very important.

    Find out the following information:

    • When the subscriber signed on for your mailing list
    • History of open and click-through rates
    • History of purchases
    • Average cost of purchase
    • Location of your subscriber

    These pieces of information are valuable reference points to determine which types of information to send and when these are usually opened by the subscriber.


Writing an email seems simple enough.

  • Open the Email Editor
  • Choose the template
  • Write the subject line
  • Create the content
  • Click “send”

Email will produce results. It will drive more traffic to your website. Email will generate interest in the products and services featured in your content. However, conversions are a different matter.

With conversions, you want to turn interest into company revenue. Put yourself in the same place as your reader. What would make him/her want to actualize your call to action?

Always keep in mind that when it comes to content, it should have value. Provide content to your subscribers like they are kings, not paupers.