Personal Branding

How to build a personal brand using a VA

Building a personal brand or reputation is one of the best ways to add value to your online presence. There are various ways on how your virtual assistant can help you build a good online reputation. There are different outsource jobs which you can delegate to your virtual assistant to help you gain the trust of potential clients. Creating a personal brand, in fact, is needed in today’s business landscape.

A personal brand or reputation is the way you project your business to other people. It is what they say when you are not around.

It takes time to build a good reputation and be trusted by clients. However, there are ways to build a good image, creating rapport, and gaining trust. An effective online brand is recognisable. Professional logos and photos are very important to create brand recognition. It should consistently appear on your website, business pages, email signatures, and social media profiles. This is an effective way for your customers to easily identify you.

Once you’ve been around online, you should start building a personal brand which will make people recognise your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and everything about your company.

But since time is very valuable to every entrepreneur, it pays to delegate these tasks. Various outsource jobs regarding online branding may be assigned to your virtual assistant. Below would be a few tips on how to create an online brand through outsource jobs from a virtual assistants.

Consider your VA as an investment
Hiring a VA is truly an investment since it saves both time and money. However, you will also need to spare time on training and development so that they can produce a return on your investment and eventually become your company’s asset.

By taking time to educate them, you can be assured that your VAs know what they’re doing in establishing and growing your personal brand.

How NOT to Build Your Personal Brand

Let your VA manage your Social Media

It is important to reply on messages, tweets, and Facebook or blog comments. This is one of the outsource jobs that make virtual assistants handy. Let them be highly active on your social networks and have a business strategy in order to grow your online fan base.
Interacting with your readers in real time is a very effective way to build trust and “being there” for them when they need help will surely boost a good reputation for your company.

Using the social media to interact with people and find potential clients would be tough for every entrepreneur because of their hectic schedule. However, through outsourcing these jobs; you can build trust by networking with other people.

With your VA answering questions on your behalf, you can produce real time responses to the needs of your clients.

Let your VA help you grow your professional network

As a company, of course you would want other people to talk positively about you and spread the word to their friends, followers, etc. It is an effective way to grow your personal brand. Building relationships and connections with people in the same industry is paramount in achieving success in today’s market. The people you know best and who feel most connected to you will tell others about you.

Your VA can then help you stay connected with your colleagues. You can outsource jobs such as sending birthday greetings or thank you responses. You can also have your virtual assistant look for more connections and prospective clients and get in contact with them on your behalf. You can even let your VA send a pre-written message via your own email. This way, you can utilise your virtual team in a positive and effective manner.

build a personal brand by outsourcing to VA

As a busy entrepreneur, one of the main reasons why you outsource is to leverage your time, so you can think and do more to chase every opportunity each day. It is always a smart move to outsource jobs which consume much of your time. You just have to invest some period of time to train your VA. Your VA will be the one winning your network and engaging with influential people in your industry, while you focus on building higher quality and deployable content to help as many other people as possible.

In turn, your brand exists and is respected.