The Clerical Skills Needed for Virtual Assistant Applicants

One of the most in-demand home-based jobs for the online market is that of virtual assistants. There are numerous employers who are looking for candidates with the best qualifications and experience record as virtual assistants.

This online job is designed for people with good skills at clerical work. As employers will be requiring the VA (virtual assistant) to do a myriad of tasks, most of which require creating or updating computer files, writing articles, creating databases, among others. The ultimate function of a VA is to make the employer’s working life a breeze by keeping things planned and organized in a systematic method.

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Some of the clerical skills that Virtual Assistant applicants should possess include:

Skills on Data Entry

A virtual assistant should be able to handle efficiently data entry functions. This specific skill means that you are able to do typing jobs, encoding data into forms or spreadsheets or database programs, editing of information, proofreading text documents and updating electronic files and databases.

Skills on Desktop Publishing

A virtual assistant that has this skill will have an advantage over other applicants who don’t possess this skill. Desktop publishing skills will come in handy when creating brochures, business cards, letterheads, logos, menus, name tags, magazines, e-books, calendars and many more. Familiarity with MS Word and MS Publisher will spell your edge from other VAs.

Skills on Typing

Typing skills include the ability to type accurately and the speed of at least 60 words per minute. As most of the work will involve typing, this particular skill is extremely important for the position. One of the tasks occasionally asked from a VA is transcription of audio file into a text document. This task requires good typing skills – while listening to the audio content, you should be able to type in what you heard.

Skills on Computer

Basic computer skills will not land you the VA position. You should have excellent computer skills. This means you are very familiar with the currently-used programs and that you are able to create, store and update files into the computer’s storage systems. And in the event of a computer crash or breakdown, you should have basic troubleshooting skills in order to avoid unnecessary disruption of work due to computer-related issues.

Skills on Organization

Usually, employers looking for VAs have multiple businesses or projects. A person who can organize things for the employer in order to avoid missing meetings, or posting of blogs, or failing to make follow-up call on an important prospect, etc. By devising a systematic approach to all the responsibilities or scope of functions of the employer, a VA is actually providing the employer with more time to focus on growing the business. The ability to easily access or retrieve specific files or contact details will rid the employer of time lost and wasted locating the needed file or contact details.

Skills on Good Communication

No qualification is ever considered good if the VA applicant is unable to communicate well. This is a critical skill needed by every VA. The VA should be able to understand specific instructions from the employer and in case of doubt on the tasks assigned, should be able to convey the message clearly. Good communication skills are required in order to clearly understand the tasks that need to be done.

With these clerical skills, you stand a higher chance of successfully landing a Virtual Assistant job. Those with secretarial or administrative background from previous jobs are ready with the skills required for a Virtual Assistant.

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