Creative Marketing Strategies for Your Real Estate Business

There’s no denying the fact that many people who want to either sell or buy properties turn to the Internet. The reason being everyone is surfing the World Wide Web 24/7.

The real estate industry, like most industries have also gone online with most of their transactions. With the size of the market ready to be tapped online, it would be unwise not to take advantage of the opportunity.

There are five ways real estate marketing can be improved to increase the opportunity to get more clients:

1. Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are known to be great platforms to roll out your marketing efforts. But it should not stop there. It is also important to develop your own online platform that you can control. These two efforts should go side by side. Without concentrating efforts on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter but using them as a way to point people back to your main website. It is on your website where you can start to build your relationship with your potential market through the quality and valuable content that you deliver on the site.

Having the social media accounts, these should be used to curate and link to significant and valuable information, resources, deals and opportunities for your city or neighborhood, not necessarily real estate related. You can tap in the current news that may or may not be related to real estate but could be important to your target audience. With such important information, you give people a reason to follow you even when they are not buying or selling any property yet. This will build your image as a local authority.

2. Get Your Website to be a Content Marketing Hub

Imagine your website to be visited by an enormous number of users not because they want to buy your advertised properties or offer their properties for sale but because they are interested in the valuable information offered on your site. And this is the most effective content marketing one can ever have. When all kinds of people keep watch of what you will have next on the webpage, you are reaching out effectively. Remember that your website is not all about making a sales pitch. By consistently offering quality content on your website, you are demonstrating your abilities to promote your services or products without really trying. You are also helping your website rank high in search engines. And lastly, you become the likeable authority in the industry.

You can craft content about general real estate buying and selling tips. This is where you offer helpful and useful information to those visiting your website. You can create a series of “How to’s” and “Top 10s” that may or may not necessarily be real estate related. Short video clips highlighting specific areas of concerns will be helpful and valuable.

3. Connect Content Marketing and Offline Advertising

It is important that you keep your content marketing and offline advertising work hand in hand. If you have posted content about “how to find the right property”, you can introduce the content in your print ad. This in turn gets you into a position of being an authority and expert on the topic, thus making people see you as a smart choice to represent their property. Your offline ads can include a link to a landing page on your website which people can visit and explore when they go online.

4. Open House Invites

Asking people to sign in on an open-house schedule is often perceived as just a way to get contact information of the visitor which will be used for your marketing activities. This is not something people want. Instead you can be creative enough to make the Open House as an opportunity to offer something (tablet, laptop or other gadget) to your visitors so that it will be easier for them to give you their contact information.

Instead, try using your open house as an opportunity to offer an ‘ethical bribe’ in exchange for people’s email addresses. In other words, offer them something valuable so they want to give you permission to contact them. Where possible, limit the information request to just name, phone number and email address.

5.  Be Your Own Groupon

Everybody knows about Groupon – it’s a huge site. It has become tremendously famous in the last year. Their business model of offering a limited deal for the first 10 or 100 or any number of people who signs up has been proven to be an effective sales tactic. The set limit on a certain promo deal makes people act immediately for fear of losing the opportunity to avail of the promo deal.

You can create seasonal promotions which you can inform your followers through email. You can offer discounts or certain cuts on property costs on a limited time frame. The discount will be compensated by the additional clients that will sign up for the promo deal.

With these 5 tips you are well on your way to seeing more clients visiting your real estate website.

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