Easy Guide to Delegation to your Virtual Staff

guide for virtual assistant staff

Record all that you need to do this week

Make a full list. This list ought to incorporate everything from personal errands to business related tasks and the time it takes you do each of them. This list will be an eye opener as you will see how long a day is genuinely used to do things. This for sure, will make your virtual staff someone really worth investing in.

Arrange these errands into two categories

Tasks that no one but you can do (go in the Me pile), Tasks that are tedious and unremarkable (go in the Delegate pile). When delegating, the best practice is to begin with redundant and simple assignments.

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Create a bond with your virtual staff.

When you are then confident in their abilities, you can begin requesting that they tackle assignments that are more difficult and complex.Here are some tasks or services that you can delegate to your virtual staff.

VA use Google drive and dropbox

Some basic file sharing software you could use are: Google Drive, Dropbox, Boxit, etc. You can also share your schedule if your virtual staff is going to be overseeing it for you. If there is a particular database or CRM that you use, say Salesforce, Zoho, and so forth, you can collaborate and set privileges for each of your virtual staff.

Send clear guidelines and set due dates

This holds valid for both parties. You may need to clarify to your virtual staff how to do the assignment. Sending a sample report to your staff for reference will be of great help. Your staff also ought to know the amount of time that can be or must be used on any specific assignment. Urge your virtual staff to make inquiries and make yourself accessible to answer them. In the long run, the results will be extraordinary!

Know your virtual staff’s strengths and weaknesses

It will be easier for you to delegate tasks. This top 5 questions asked when working with a virtual staff will help you a lot. It would be a successful solution to your business.

Here’s a little trick that will do, too. 🙂