The Different Kinds of Virtual Assistants

For entrepreneurs, it’s important to spend their time on the business, not in the business. Growing your business isn’t easy and hiring a virtual assistant may help you stay dynamic and systematized, therefore, enabling you to get the best out of your business.

As outsourcing services have become a need for most small to middle market industries, it is now conventional to contract the services of someone offshore. Before you hire someone, you have to know what kind of services you need from them. Depending on the nature of your business, there are different types of VA’s who can help you keep up with the administrative demands. Below are some of them:

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Popularly known as General Virtual Assistants. These VA’s are like your office secretaries. The only difference is that they are working in their homes plus they can’t make sandwich or coffee for you. Most busy business owners cannot keep up with all the demands in their industry, therefore, it is best to delegate tasks. They can help you manage your emails and calendars, make reports and presentations, set appointments, and many others, thus letting you focus on the core tasks of your business.

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant

Marketing your industry is very important to gain clients. Hiring a social media expert is a great technique to advertise your business online. It is important for companies now days to keep up with the latest trends for their products and services to be visible and be known. How? By contracting the services of social media marketers, they can help you broadcast your business  while saving you from costly promotional fees. These experts can manage the company’s Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites in the online world.

Virtual Assistant Writers

Also called ghostwriters or creative writers, these VA’s do most of the writing jobs for your business. Content writing is not easy especially when you are trying to market a business. Article writers can help you generate substantial write ups. Hiring remote staff who can write exceptionally may aid you in marketing your company and help you grow your business.

Virtual Bookkeepers

These are the financial virtual assistants who help you manage the cash flow of your business. By hiring a qualified and trusted expert, you don’t have to stress about payroll processing and other financial areas of your business. Before entrusting accounting tasks to them, make sure they have the right skills and understanding – this is to avoid inaccuracies.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

These are admin assistants who provide services and support to real estate professionals. Most Filipino online workers provide these kind of services to the US, Australia and New Zealand. Real estate professionals delegate most of the administrative tasks to their VA’s so that they can focus on selling more properties. Aside from doing administrative jobs, they can also be part of the sales support team – apart from doing prospecting, lead generation, database management  to name a few. These remote assistants are an agent’s cost-effective approach because they can now give more attention to their clients’ and in-house staff’s needs.

Hiring a qualified and well skilled virtual assistant is one of the cleverest moves you can do for your business. By maximizing their potentials, they can definitely contribute towards growing your business.