Employing an Outsourced Worker – The Best Business Decision I Ever Made

If you have attended any truly effective up to date real estate seminars or courses lately, no doubt you would have heard of outsourcing.

Outsourcing is an extremely effective and powerful way to get the edge on your competitors by freeing up your valuable time.

Outsource Workers is an Australian based company that specialises in providing full-time fullytrained virtual assistants based in the Philippines for Australian Real Estate agencies and agents. We extensively screen and interview each new staff member and equip them with the necessary skills to make a real difference to your business from their first day. Best off all the cost is just $7 per hour!

As the Principal of a successful independent real estate agency built from scratch, I know first hand that an agent’s most valuable asset is their time. As an agent I spent at least half my week doing the hard yards prospecting, and as a Principal I found that prospecting consistently was the area that agents found most challenging.

Once I had personally trained my outsourced worker, not only did she free up nearly half of my week, but it allowed me to focus on the dollar productive tasks as well as introduce other systems to outsource even more of my workload.

A couple of years on and my outsourced worker (who is by far the hardest worker in my business!) is extremely well trained and my most valuable employee. Her role is so systemised that sometimes days go by without any communication unless we have something specific we need her to do.

We estimate that we have spent over 100 hours training our Outsourced Worker. There are other companies that can supply the services of an outsourced worker however no one provides Real Estate agencies a fully trained employee ready to make a real difference from day one.

Our Outsourced Workers will analyse your current prospecting and database programs and look for ways to generate additional leads. They will then systemise the follow-up procedure. 

All our Outsourced Workers hold professional qualifications and will be supplied to you FULLY trained ready to do the following tasks:

  •  Prospecting 
  •  Data Entry 
  •  Sales & Rental Agreements / Contracts 
  •  Research 
  •  Email Campaigns 
  •  Mail Out Campaigns 
  •  Sms Campaigns 
  •  Spreadsheet Creation & Management 
  •  Creating Letters & Word Documents 
  •  PowerPoint Presentations 
  •  Basic Bookkeeping 
  •  Photoshop / Lightroom 
  •  Updating photos and text 
  •  Window Cards & Brochures 
  •  Social Media Campaigns 
  •  Blogging / Article Writing 
  •  Tracking Other Agents Sales & Rental Listings 
  •  Past Client Marketing 
  •  Database Management & Creation 
  •  Uploading Listings & Maintaining Websites 
  •  Writing and Creating Newsletters 
  •  Virtual Tours 
  •  SEO for your Website 

With the technology currently available there’s not much they can’t do!

Each outsourced employee is monitored on a daily basis by one of our management team members using state of the art software that tracks exactly which tasks your employee is working on. A daily report is generated showing the following:

  •  Time & task tracking
  •  Webpage monitoring
  •  Screen shot recordings every 3 minutes
  •  Start & finish times
  •  Breaks taken

As you can see there are some huge benefits to Outsourcing. Some of these are:


Significantly lower labour costs.

  •  Free up your time so you can focus on the dollar productive tasks. 
  •  Free internal resources for other purposes. 
  •  Reduce and control operating costs. 
  •  Reduced concern with legal compliance issues. 
  •  You only pay for the hours actually worked.


You do not have to pay: 

  •  Sick leave 
  •  Recruitment costs 
  •  Office space costs 
  •  Superannuation 
  •  Employee insurance 
  •  Furniture and computer costs 

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies have outsourced at least one major business function.

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Outsourcing is the fastest and easiest way to improve profitability in your business. We are so confident our Outsourced Worker will become your most valuable employee, that if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason during the first month, we will refund every cent and cancel our agreement. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Call us today on 1300 727 147 or visit our website www.outsourceworkers.com.au for further information and to get started.