How to Establish A Good Reputation as a Real Estate Agent

The job of a real estate agent can be a lucrative one. But this is only achieved if you are able to gain the confidence and trust of the numerous buyers and sellers in the market place. By helping these real estate buyers and sellers find or sell their properties, you are advertising yourself as an efficient and reliable real estate agent to other interested buyers and sellers as your satisfied clients will not hesitate endorsing your services to their families and friends.

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Some of the traits that easily increase your reputation as a great real estate agent include:

1. Clients Value Honesty and Credibility. Keeping a good reputation of being an honest and credible real estate agent will not escape the industry. This can easily spread around and potential buyers and sellers will not have
a problem tracking you down for their own needs. It’s important for real estate agents to have the skills and characteristics to make their clients feel comfortable.

2. Value Added Information and Area Familiarity. Real estate buyers often have a lot of questions not just about the property but the neighborhood as well. This means concerns about schools, crime rate, local parks and amusement centers, proximity to nearest recreational areas such as the beach, dining options, churches and supermarkets.

3. Be Organized. No buyer or seller would want to deal with any agent who is disorganised and one who cannot keep things in order. An organised real estate agent will have a way and a system of tracking down his tasks which could include to-do list, returning phone calls, providing relevant documents to prospective clients, etc. Buyers do not have a thing for agents who do not return their calls, or do not make good of their promises like providing important documents or information. With systems in place, an efficient real estate agent is not likely to miss anything that’s needed to be done.

4. Offer Testimonials. Positive statements from clients could be your best advertising to prospective clients. Clients who are satisfied with your services will surely oblige in giving a testimonial about your services. Clients’ testimonials should be posted on your website so that interested buyers and sellers will have a chance to see them.

5. Communication Skills. Clear communication between the real estate agent and the client is very important to make sure that all terms are understood. A great real estate agent is a strong communicator, who can make his prospective clients feel comfortable and sincerely attended to. Buyers often have encounters with real estate agents who have the habit of ignoring promises made to the clients such as not responding to offers made by buyers or not answering phone calls, etc.

6. Make Your Presentation / Showing Worth Their Time. The impression you leave with every property showing you host will more or less define your reputation as a real estate agent. If you are able to get your guests / potential buyers hyped up on the property because of the interesting features you were able to bring to their attention, chances are you will leave a good impression.

If you have these traits and skills, you are likely to have a successful career.

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