Hire the Best: Outsource to Philippines

In the outsourcing services industry, various companies see India as a choice, but with the rapid increase of salaries in India, more Business Process Outsourcing companies or BPO’s are choosing the Philippines over any other Asian countries. There are several and sensible reasons why more companies choose Philippine outsourcing services.

Compatibility With The Western Culture

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Unlike any other Asian country, the Philippines has a very interesting culture akin to the western countries. That can be explained by the events that transpired in the past. As stated in history, the Philippines was colonized by the United States for a period of 48 years. No doubt that the American influence is still very evident nowadays. Although the official language is Filipino, the English language is also considered as a primary language in this country. In fact, almost more than 50% of its population is considered as English speakers. The English language is also the primary language used for business and education.

With the strong presence of the US, the Philippines has also developed a government somewhat similar to the American system. Not only that, the Philippines also drafted its laws and based its jurisprudence according to American legal system. This is some of the key reasons why Philippine outsourcing has become a top choice for various businesses in the western countries.

Low Costs

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As compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines has a very low cost of living. Salaries in the Philippines are actually just a fraction of those who are in the western world. This low cost can also be applied to other business expenses like utilities, supplies and office rental. Philippine outsourcing is way more economical compared to the prices in the western countries. You can expect to manage an offshore team and save up to 30 – 40% of the costs in hiring a domestic team.

Highly Skilled Workforce

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Education for the country’s entire population is one of the most prioritized projects of the Philippine government. With this, the Philippines has a very high literacy rate. There are also a number of reputable schools which produce skilled and well trained graduates. Filipinos are expressive and creative people by nature, thus, the country’s colleges and universities provide excellent education and training to develop further the skills and abilities of its students.

But since the Philippines has been a fragile economy, the country cannot provide enough jobs for hundreds and thousands of graduates entering the workforce each year. This issue is causing a significant number of Filipinos who opt to work abroad. Philippine outsourcing has eventually opened a new window for Filipinos, providing local opportunities to the workers that would otherwise leave the country to earn a living overseas.

Government Support

The Philippine outsourcing industry has now become one of the revenue generators in this country. With this, the government fully supports this industry. The country has put up different bodies to look after the concerns and benefits of BPO’s in the country.

It is also becoming one of the top industries in the country offering a new work opportunity especially to fresh graduates so they could earn experience and money. Different BPO companies are also rapidly emerging not only to the capital city of the Philippines but as well as to the different cities in the country. It truly has grown and developed a lot in the country, making Philippines at the peak of offshore outsourcing destinations in the world.

As Philippine outsourcing continues to grow and as the country strives to uplift itself, the Philippines has gained a new reputation as the preferred BPO destination. Having a big source of highly skilled labor and home of one of the warmest and friendliest people, the country has started to invite foreign investors.

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