Should I Hire A Virtual Assistant To Manage My Blog?

Blogs have become one of the most reliable sources of information in the Web. Influencers and business leaders have used their blogs to share their expertise on various areas. Businesses with blogs are able to prove their reliability and authority in their respective industries because they are able to come up with valuable content for their customers. Maintaining and managing a blog can be tedious though. Remember that the key to having a good blog reputation is consistency. That involves consistent content and consistent engagement. Having said that, you need someone who can do these things for you.

Getting a full-time person to manage your blog is crucial to its growth and stability. There are a lot of virtual assistants (VAs) who are skilled to do this. Some VAs can write outstanding content while some are efficient in the administrative backend of your blog. There are many firms providing outsourcing services but the important thing you need to look for is the qualifications of their VAs. Now what can a VA do for you in terms of blog management?

Content creation.

Producing continuous high quality content can be draining. If you hire a VA who is also a content writer at a same time, you can delegate some of these content creation tasks to her. You can ask her to write a draft first to see her skills. If she proves herself to be competent then you can start assigning topics to her to write on your behalf. You don’t have to worry because all of her output will go through you and you can always ask for revisions as needed.

Comment moderation.

Your VA can help you respond to comments quickly. She can also take care of spammers and other inappropriate comments. If you have a blog that has a huge following, all the more you need a dedicated person to take care of comments to maintain continuous engagement with your readers. Every blog comment needs to be acknowledged and responded to even if it’s just a simple “thank you.”

Content modification.

Some blog content need updating and rehashing. Depending on which social media site you will share your content, you can modify it to fit your target readers. From a text content, your VA can convert it into Slideshare or an infographic if it has a lot of stats. You can also ask your VA to update an old content by putting new details or multimedia content like videos or a short podcast. You don’t have to create new content all the time, refurbishing old content when done right can be as good as new!

Calendar your posts.

Having an editorial calendar is one of ways to effectively manage your blog. Your VA can maintain this for you by making sure that you publish your content at specific dates. She can give you regular update if you’re still on track with your editorial calendar of if you’re falling behind. You can VA can also come up with ideas for blog posts and plot them tentatively for your approval.

These are just some of the many things your VA can do for you in managing your blog. If you really want to be known for having a great blog, then you need to invest time and effort on this. Your VA can devote her time to growing your blog—from content to readers. With your VA taking on most blogging tasks, you can focus on creating editorial campaigns, blog events like webinars, and other innovative ways to improve your blog. All these blog investment will pay off because a great blog will strengthen your brand reputation and positioning.