Every year, more and more companies are giving their employees the chance to work from home. It’s a win-win situation—remote workers are more productive and happy, the company saves money, and it is a greener alternative overall. If you are thinking of starting your career as a remote worker but are not sure, well stop doubting and do it. Remote working allows you to access markets that you couldn’t reach in your city or country. Some people may even find remote jobs where their skills are more valued and better compensated. The only thing you need to invest in is a high-performance computer and a comfy chair.

Many of these job opportunities come with paid internet that guarantees fast connectivity and some companies even offer the option of helping their workers to build a home office. Also, there are a lot of tech careers that don’t necessarily require a bachelor’s degree. Many companies out there will consider hiring someone without a degree if they have enough experience. But another option is coding bootcamps, people learn many skills like programming and in a short time, they are ready to enter the industry.

So, start learning a programming skill now through self study or a coding bootcamp, and you could be working from home by next year. These are some of the better-paid tech jobs in the industry that can be remote jobs with the right company.

App Developer

App developers are responsible for all the applications on our smartphones. They can design specific features or whole apps. Also, an app developer can build games, delivery apps, store apps, or just the notes app on your phone.

No matter if you are a developer for Android or iOS, a remote app developer can have a salary from anywhere to $50K to $120K per year according to Glassdoor. The variation in salary is depending on years of experience and company. The tech companies look for an app developer with certain skills like  SQL, PHP, working with APIs, Java, Swift, and so on.

Web Developer

Remote Worker in Tech Image in Outsource Workers Web Developer Working in a Program Remote TechOn the other hand, web developers are responsible for all the websites we see on the internet. A web developer would be able to program the back end of a website, which nowadays is really important especially for search engine optimization purposes.

A junior remote web developer can make up to $50k per year according to PayScale and a senior web developer could make $80k-$110k annually. Some of the skills that are highly sought-after are being a pro at front end UI frameworks, SQL, .NET and C# development, as well as some knowledge on cloud architecture.

Computer Security Professionals

This job is for any profession that dedicates to design and maintain a security system. Inside of this category are job positions like computer system security analyst, a computer engineer with security clearance, security architect, IT security technician or analyst, and cybersecurity engineer. One of the main tasks of security specialists is to do simulated hacker attacks to try and find holes in the security system and fix them.

The average salary for an IT security engineer, for example, is $89,957 per year, for a cybersecurity engineer is $93,815. And let’s not forget a security architect can make an outstanding average of $122,676 per year.

Database Administrator

A database administrator’s responsibility includes monitoring and maintaining database servers, optimizing security systems for the database, and on-call support.  A database administrator has an average salary of $90,070 per year and it can top over $100k for senior professionals.

Databases are designed in many formats and languages, but the basic skills a database administrator must have are knowledge in computing architecture, operating systems, storage technologies and networking, and cloud architecture.