A well-thought-out slideshow real estate video has the power of bringing the audience to tears. On the other hand, a poorly executed slideshow video can bore the audience to tears. So, you just need to make a slideshow video that viewers will love.

It’s not easy to make slideshow videos, regardless of whether you’re making them for business purposes, a sales page, a function, or a social media marketing campaign. Of course, you can always use a slideshow maker for this purpose, but remember to make the right choice.

Once you’ve chosen the right slideshow video-making tool, all you need to do is bring in the images, add good music, add some text, and your slideshow video will be ready in minutes.

Slideshow creation tools come in handy for professionals, but only if you use a few added tips to make them great. Let’s get started with the tips.

Before You Start

Even before starting to make slideshow videos, you need to decide the type of device you’ll be using. It would be best to undertake the task on a computer, but you can even choose your tablet or your phone at your convenience.

Using a slideshow-making tool on any of these devices will not be difficult, considering that such tools are easily available online.

Collect Your Memories and Digitize Them

Coming up with a proper subject for your slideshow video is very important. Once you know the subject and plan out the entire slideshow-making procedure, it’s time for you to gather all your memories.

Collect all the pictures in your arsenal, including video clips of places, pets, and people you want to focus on. If any of the pictures you plan to include in your video are in a picture frame or photo album, digitize them. Once everything is in one place, organize them properly.

You can digitize your pictures in a number of ways. You can either scan the pictures in a printer or scanner or use a scanning service provider for this purpose. You could also take pictures of the images on paper with your smartphone.

Digitizing your pictures offers several advantages. Even if you reproduce the images a million times, their quality will not deteriorate. This enables you to make innumerable copies of your precious memories.

Begin with the End of Your Slideshow Video in Mind

This entails working on how exactly you’ll be presenting the slideshow video to the target audiences. Think ahead of time, as this will help you in making the right decision of the tools you can use and the elements you must highlight in your slideshow video without any issues.

Bonus tip: Don’t settle for anything less than high definition. When choosing a slideshow-making tool, ensure it has the potential of exporting at minimum HD 720p or even HD 1080p.

Make a Short and Simple Slideshow Video

taking videoThe majority of the slideshow videos suck due to their length. Ask the experts, and they’ll tell you how perfect 3 to 4-minute slideshow visuals appear. The best option is to make a slideshow video the same length as a song, including a minimum of fifty to sixty pictures.

Allot at least 3 to 5 seconds to every picture that appears in your slideshow video. Cutting the length of your video means you’ll have to make some tough decisions, like incorporating just the good images while editing the poor-quality ones.

Remember Motion Helps in Creating Emotion

Slideshow maker tools allow users to add animation, text, transitions, and video clips to their slideshows. When making your slideshow video, you must pay close attention to these extras instead of putting time and effort into the pictures.

You even can use customizable templates available with the slideshow online. Expert animators and graphic designers design these templates, so using them is better than spending long hours on something that won’t look as good.

Incorporate Good Music in Your Slideshow Video

Music is a must for your slideshow video, but avoid adding things just for the sake of it. Adding music to slideshow videos is nothing revolutionary or new,  so don’t just slap on anything that comes to your mind.

When including music in your slideshow video, it’s crucial to consider the slideshow’s tone and mood. Find the right song that matches the mood and the tone accordingly.

The best option is to use simple and effective music that doesn’t dominate the video but subtly compliments it. Yet another important thing you need to consider is the copyrights of the music you intend to use in your video.

YouTube and Facebook won’t accept videos that their bots consider copyright infringement. Thus, it makes sense to use slideshow video-making tools because they already have legal, royalty-free and in-built music. They also have music perfectly organized as per mood and genre. So, you won’t have a tough time incorporating good music in your slideshow video.

Add Quotes to Mix Things Up

Adding inspirational quotes to your slideshow video will amplify the audience’s attention and enable them to connect emotionally with your video. You don’t need to put a lot of time into this because there are many online sites where you can get good quotes that match with your project.

Test the Video Early on

If you’re making a slideshow video for a wedding, funeral, or any special event, make sure to test it before the final appearance. It’s also important to show up early at the event to ensure that everything is working and all the tech arrangements are in place.

Give yourself sufficient time for solving common problems like connecting to the Wi-Fi and arranging for extension cords. Make sure to check the volume of the video. It shouldn’t be too quiet or too loud, just comfortable enough for the ears!

It’s a Wrap

A slideshow video is one of the best ways of sharing memories or in-motion products and services. Making a slideshow video won’t be a complex job for you with the right tools. The success of your slideshow video can determine the professional impact you’ve made as a brand. We have virtual assistants who can slideshow videos for you. Please contact us for me details.