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The real estate market is very active. Every day, there are buyers and sellers looking for the best deals in property. This is why it is important for real estate agents to keep their listings updated on all platforms. You don’t know which day is your lucky day. A potential client may come across one of your property listings. If the information is not updated, it may cost you the sale.

The Internet and the advances in digital technology have made it easier for real estate agents to market and promote their property listings. Especially now that more than 65% of online traffic originates from mobile sources, interested buyers can easily access listing sites and social media pages from smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Real estate agents have never had it better!

There are many wonderful listing sites on the Internet. These listing platforms are a magnet for buyers and sellers of property, potential tenants, prospective agents, and lenders. Using these listing platforms is convenient for the buyer or seller and the real estate agent.

For buyers and sellers, a real estate listing website makes it easier to arrive at a decision. Some of these websites have features that help investors determine if the property is a good buy or a “goodbye”.

What features are we referring to?

  • A mortgage calculator
  • Home worth calculator
  • Property pricing calculator
  • Data on the average price per square meter per location
  • Data on average rental price per property
  • Data on area demographics and proximities– age distribution, income levels, proximity to Central Business District (CBD), shopping centers, schools, and transportation facilities.
  • Economic Data – Unemployment rate, cash rate, and property market trends.

For real estate agents, these listing platforms have features that allow you to market and promote your properties effectively:

  • Upload and update high-resolution pictures.
  • Create and update marketing copy.
  • Attach links to your social media pages.
  • Attach links to your website.
  • Include and update your contact and personal information in your online profile.
  • Websites are mobile-responsive; can be accessed by those with smartphones and mobile gadgets.

Thus, the Internet has given you multiple digital channels to market and promote your property listings as well as your services.

The question is, how can you keep your real estate listings updated on all platforms?

  1. Choose Only 2-3 Platforms To Start Out WithAs we mentioned, you can find many amazing real estate listing websites on the Internet. They have been proven effective in giving maximum exposure to an agent’s property listings. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to find a condo in Montreal, a penthouse in New York, or a beach front house in Australia, it needs to be easy for potential clients to be able to contact you quickly. However, listing your property on a real estate website is not a numbers game. You have to take a strategic approach when choosing the listing sites for your properties.First, you have to determine your purpose. These real estate listing sites cater to people with different needs.

    Some websites cater specifically to buyers and sellers of property. Likewise, there are some listing sites that are more beneficial for investors and speculators. Then there are those sites with features that are popular with buyers who are interested in acquiring a home loan.

    Are you a property owner who plans to sell his/her home without the assistance of a real estate agent? You will be better off listing your home at an “FSBO” or For Sale By Owner website.

    Second, it is easier to manage a few good websites than multiple websites where some platforms have poor ROI.

    As important as updating your property listings are, your time as a real estate agent is better suited attending to tasks that directly contribute to your bottom-line. These core functions or essential tasks include meeting clients, hosting property viewings, and participating in auctions.

  2. Come Up With A Schedule for Updating Your ListingsReal Estate Listings Image in Outsource Workers Huge House Interiors WhiteIt is advisable to keep your property listings on these real estate websites updated as frequently as possible. The longer your properties stay unsold on the market, the lesser the probability of getting maximum value for it.On average, your property should be sold within 4 months. Otherwise, potential investors will lose interest. You will also lose your position in the negotiation process. Updating the images and content in these listing sites will make your property seem new and fresh.

    However, updating your content is not an easy task. For sure, you need to take new, high-quality, high-resolution images of the property and its various areas. You may have to hire a professional photographer and maybe a set decorator.

    You also have to write effective marketing copy for your listing. It will be worth the time and effort to make sure your marketing copy is optimised with the right keywords so that it can be easily found on the Internet.

    These tasks take time to complete. You should set aside a schedule in the month to have pictures of your properties taken and for new, optimised content written.

  3. Take Advantage of Digital TechnologySocial media is another great platform for marketing and promoting your property listing. In fact, there are real estate website listing sites that allow you to include a link to your social media pages.Similar to these listing sites, you should keep your social media pages fresh and updated. Again, choose only 2-3 social media networks to promote your listings. This will make it easier for you to manage the content for these networks.The best social media networks for real estate are those that are ideal for image-based content. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are obvious choices. You may want to include YouTube if you plan to use video-based content.

    Once you’ve created content for these social media platforms, the next step is to make sure they are posted. In social media, frequency of posting is the key to achieve maximum exposure. For the networks we mentioned, you need to post at least twice per day.

    If time is an issue, take advantage of digital technology and use a social media scheduling app like Buffer. All you have to do is set the parameters for posting and Buffer will do the rest.

  4. Outsource It
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    We’ve saved the best for last. Is there really a best way to keep your real estate listings up to date? Yes – Outsource it!Outsourcing this task has 3 key advantages:

    • Outsourcing Saves You Time – Updating your listings is certainly an important task. However, it is not a core function of a real estate agent. This task falls under non-essential functions.By outsourcing it to a qualified third party, you can allocate more time to the core functions of your business and still keep your listings updated.
    • Outsourcing Saves You Money – Of course, you can always hire a Personal Assistant. But then, you will have to pay for his/her salaries and benefits. When you outsource, you only pay for productive hours worked.Instead of paying a full-time Personal Assistant for 48 hours of work per week, you can hire a Virtual Assistant for only 10 to 20 hours per week.
    • Outsourcing Ensures Quality – Writing keyword-rich content is a skill that you learn from specialized training and experience. You can outsource this task to a freelance content writer or Virtual Assistant and be assured of the quality of work.



Real estate listing websites are there for a reason. They give you the best exposure, reach, and coverage so that buyers, sellers, investors, speculators, and lenders can discover the properties on your list. However, if you want to maximize their benefits, make sure your content is frequently updated.