An Action Plan To Improve Communication With Your Virtual Service Team

It’s hard enough having to put into words, in person, exactly what needs to be done. Having to communicate it to someone halfway across the world, even with advanced technology, can prove to be an even tougher job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason you’re even considering availing of virtual service is because it’s supposedly much more convenient than having to hire a new employee into the office.

We suggest you form an action plan to adapt and be able to communicate with your team more effectively.


Synchronize your communication methods

First and foremost, choose one or two modes of communication and stick to that. If you want to use just Dropbox and e-mail, then limit usage of Yahoo Messenger, Google Docs, Skype, QQ, or other programs. Having to check too many accounts is a waste of time, and will increase the risk of you or your virtual assistant not getting a message on time. There are many free online tools available for you to try; you can choose for yourself or ask your virtual assistant, who has had more experience in outsourcing, what they think would be the most effective methods.


Strategize with your virtual team

Planning in advance makes an alarming difference in pretty much everything you do in life, not just in business. When working with others in a project, it is better to give them a clear understanding of your objectives, the whos, the whats, the whys, and the hows. Never keep them in the dark! This way, you and your team are unified in attaining a certain goal and are capable of making minor decisions without clamoring for your ‘ok’, as opposed to them having to turn to you every step of the way. Additionally, involving them in planning will boost their morale by really making them feel that they are important contributors to the project, motivating them to become more dedicated to their work.


Set Clear Expectations and Agreements

Even though you’re teammates, it’s good to be subtle in reminding them that you are still the head honcho from time to time. Pay close attention to the word ‘subtle’ – NEVER blatantly hover your power over your team, as it could affect your relationship and even their performance. Remind them only of your expectations, and that you are really counting on them to step up their game. Master the art of pep talk! Setting clear expectations and agreements will also ensure that no members of your virtual service team will fall short of what is required of them.


When it comes to working with new people, trial and error will always be the way to go. People can have different work ethics and different chemistry, so it could take a while for you and your time to find an arrangement that works best for you. If there are people in your team who just can’t keep up no matter what method you use, consider replacing them for the good of the business. What’s important is that you remain open to adjustments and don’t lose sight of your goal.

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