Ways for Virtual Workers to Keep in the Loop

Virtual Assisting is a rewarding job but it is not as easy as what people think.  If you’ve been working from home for a while as a virtual worker, you are saving from all the costs such as the transportation and meal expenses. However, working alone in your home-office is not easy, especially if you are an outgoing type of person. You have to be always enthusiastic in order to be continuously inspired and motivated. This is when the need to socialize comes in.

Socializing is an important aspect especially when dealing with pressure from work. In fact, there is also stress from being a virtual worker – and it is unavoidable. At one point or another, you may feel some weight from work and the need to vent it out is really important because holding on to stress will not benefit anyone. The need to socialize is also one way to keep us emotionally and mentally healthy aside from exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Motivate and Inspire Employees

Being a virtual worker myself, I have to make sure that my social life is also in the balance. Below are a few things on how I cope and keep myself in the loop:Socializing with other virtual professionals through chat.

1. Socializing with other virtual professionals through chat.

Aside from experiences, I also gained some “virtual” friends when I became a virtual worker. It is great to socialize with other VAs since we get to share stories, struggles, and of course achievements from working online. One great advantage is you get to socialize with people with the same interests and learn through them.

2. Going out with friends at least once a week

Being a virtual worker is no different to an office employee, you have to unwind once in a while and disconnect from work. In order to be healthy in mind & body, it is very important to physically socialize with friends and have fun outside your home-office.

3. Have a good meal with friends who also work virtually

Yes, I also have close friends who have the same career path as mine. This is the best time where we exchange ideas and learn from each other’s stories and experiences while sharing a sumptuous meal – not to mention some great laughs too. This is also a nice way to tutor one another. Say for example a friend wanted to learn about SEO and you wanted to learn about lead generation, you can teach and learn from each other.

4. Bond with Family and Relatives

It is important for business owners to get to know their virtual workers outside work, especially when working with Filipino VAs. Most Filipinos are family-oriented. It is very important to them to bond with their families.

By: Leah Kristina Zaragoza