Integrating Video In Your Online Real Estate Marketing

During conferences about online marketing, one of the techniques that will always surface in every discussion is the impact the videos have on marketing efforts and plans. It is the next big thing after social media networking. If you have not realised the important role videos can play in your campaign, it’s time that you start considering this marketing option. This is especially useful for those creating information products.

While almost everyone is capable of creating a video, the challenge lies on making a video that can cause a significant impact on marketing strategies. Producing a high-quality, content-rich, unique, and targeted video may turn prospects into customers.

The most successful video sharing website currently is YouTube. The website estimates almost 30 million unique users every month. By ranking, YouTube lands the fourth spot for the busiest websites in the world. While there are hundreds of other video sharing avenues, YouTube remains the authority in this arena.

A January 2009 study conducted by Forrester Research showed that a video is 53 times more likely to succeed in generating a first page Google ranking than other traditional search engine marketing strategies. Regardless of the size of the business, video is an affordable and effective tool that can boost your connection with your target customers and prospects.

Effective Video Marketing
But video marketing will only prove beneficial and effective if it is created based on what the target audience wants and needs. You have to create a video that caters to the needs and wants of your audience. In the real estate industry, you should keep in mind what specific video content can be appealing to the customers.

Internet video marketing is not designed to replace real estate agents. Real estate agents who are on top of their game must harness the power of the World Wide Web and integrate into the existing or ongoing real estate marketing efforts.

Interesting Video Concepts or Ideas
The content of the video need not be real estate related. Not all people want to hear about real estate market analysis or your real estate listings or the current market prices, mortgage rates, etc. Instead of harboring on these details which you can actually post on your website anyway, you should think of ideas or topics which could be interesting to your audience.

How about making a video about how to remove a nut with a corkscrew? A lot of people would probably click the video to find out about your tips. So the next time they (the audience) encounter a problem with removing a nut, they will remember you. They will not remember you for your property listings but for the specific videos you have posted and allowed them to view.

When you create videos for your audience, you should understand that the mindset of your audience is that of “wanting to work with you but can’t remember you”. This can be easily modified if you consistently create videos of varied interesting topics or concepts on a weekly basis. The more they hear from you, the more you will be remembered when something similar to your video occurs.

Integrating videos in your online marketing efforts for your real estate business will likely:
Drive conversion and traffic while reducing returns and service costs