Just Hired An Online Assistant? Here’s What To Do Next


So you’ve decided to go ahead and hire a online assistant – Congratulations! If you play your cards just right, then this will be one of the best decisions you have ever made for your business. But before you start counting your success points, let’s take it one step at a time. If you didn’t read our tips on how to handle your virtual assistant in advance, you might be unsure as to how to go about with having a virtual assistant. One of the things we always advocate for new outsourced clients is to figure out in advance why exactly you think you need an online assistant so you’ll be able to manage your and your assistant’s time and workload more efficiently. Hopefully by now you’ve got all that figured out, but if not, here’s how.


How To Hire A Virtual Assistant Online

Get to know your online assistant

Ask them when they’re most productive and how they usually go about their work. You’ll have better understanding of their methods as well if you get a brief summary of their background. Do they have children? Who takes care of their children while they’re at work? Are they morning people, or night owls? Get to know their personality and allow them to grasp yours so misunderstandings during crunch time can be reduced. Talk about what kind of arrangement would work best for both of you.

Be upfront

Communication between you and a job applicant during the interview would be different from communication between you and your assistant. During an interview, the applicant could be quite anxious and more focused on impressing the employer with the right answers. A new employee would be a little more relaxed and more focused on gauging how to adjust to you, the company, and the tasks. They’ll be soaking up your company’s culture and work ethics more than anything during this time, so it’s important to show them how they’re expected to act right off the bat.

At the same time, how you communicate with a new employee on the other hand shouldn’t be all that different from how you do it with your older employees. If you know in your heart that you’re quite a strict boss, don’t be much too lax in the beginning and become a scary, angry monster when your assistant doesn’t rise to your expectations. Warn them in advance how you tend to react during negative situations.

Be patient

The downside to preparing in advance is the temptation of simply dumping all your requirements and deadlines all in one go, but this proves to be an ineffective way to get things done. Seeing everything that needs to be done in, say a month or even a week, can overwhelm your online assistant. So can giving them too many tasks to juggle! Instead, introduce their tasks one at a time and allow them to adjust accordingly.

There are many differences between having an assistant who is with you in the office physically and having an online assistant, but note that both assistants are equally as real. Treat your online assistants well and let them help your business grow!