The Key to Your Business Success is Hiring VAs

Back in the days before the Internet boom, business owners and managers were taught to separate the professional self from the private self. Who you are at home should be different from who you are at work.

And vice-versa.

In the age of digital technology and the popularity of social media, when concepts such as emotional connectivity have been thrown at the forefront of market development, the line between the professional and personal self have grown vague. Businesses have taken their enterprise to a new avenue of growth; an avenue that passes through the virtual world.

Virtual assistants are the future for business success

Business has become our life and life has become our business. The entrepreneur has evolved from the traditional brick and mortar proprietor to a digital proprietor. Enterprises have mushroomed online with close to a billion websites operating at any one time in the Internet. Business can be transacted online and work has found its way into our homes.

In a strange conundrum, work and life have become inter-changeable. It is now difficult to differentiate when work ends and life begins. As entrepreneurs, we are driven by the thought of success. But even when the virtual world has made time and space immaterial in business, there is only a limit to what we can do. Time may no longer be a consequence, but despite the advantages of technology there will always be 24 hours in one day.

Given the finite quality of time, the focus has shifted to efficiency. How can we manage time so we get more done in one day? If your business is starting out or if you are in expansion mode, your best option would be to hire virtual assistants.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works online from a remote location and is contracted to manage a set of tasks and responsibilities. In the days before the popularity of the Internet exploded into the mainstream, virtual assistants were commonly referred to as “virtual secretaries” or “virtual personal assistants”. They were hired mostly for organizational purposed; manage phone calls, take dictation, set appointments, prepare reports and manage the calendar. Fast-forward to the new millennium, and the virtual assistance industry has evolved to cover new skills and competencies. Basically, everything and anything that can be conducted online is considered virtual assistance work.

Today’s virtual assistants can do accounting, payroll preparation, market research, social media marketing, graphics design, website development, content management and legal transcription among others. With the higher degree of specificity and competencies in the virtual assistance industry, you can run a business made up entirely of virtual assistants.

But should you?

Hiring virtual assistants offer a number of benefits to every type of business. Here are just a few of them:

Cost savings.

Virtual assistants will save you a great deal of money because the incremental effect of hiring them will only be reflected on one expense item: payroll. Virtual assistants by definition are self-employed, private business owners. They pay for their own cost of business and when contracted, are not paid the standard benefits due a regular office employee.

Optimize productive time.

Virtual assistants are not first-time job seekers. Most of them have come from the 9-to-5 grind. They have a good number of years experience notched on their belts. They have the requisite skill sets to carry out the tasks and you do not have to spend a great deal of time training them. Because you have delegated tasks that do not fall under your core competencies to them, you can now focus on the business’ core functions.

Create flexibility.

With virtual assistants, your business can become more flexible in a number of ways. One, because they work online, you can designate them to different shift schedules and have your business covered even after office hours. Two, you can split their shift schedules and maximize productivity. Instead of hiring one virtual assistant to work eight hours, hire two and split the schedule into four hours each. Because each one works for only fours, there is no need for a 30 minute break. If your business runs 26 days a month multiplied by 30 minutes that is 13 more hours of productive time. Third, if the Virtual Assistant doesn’t pan out, just terminate the contract and replace with another. No need for adjudication and separation pay benefits.

Safely scale your business.

As an entrepreneur, you would want to scale your business eventually. But despite what the numbers may show, scaling can be a risky proposition. If you were a brick and mortar establishment, you would be hiring additional personnel to work full-time. You may even increase Internet bandwidth to accommodate each additional computer. You will have to allocate revenue-generating space for every new person. Now, what if the volume is not there to support your expansion? By hiring virtual assistants, you can scale your operations according to capacity without incurring incremental expenses in every cost item. Thus, you limit your exposure to risk.

Take a breather.

Virtual assistants are there to lend you support. Having them on your team will make it easier for you to focus on the important things in work and most importantly, in your life. You can trust that business will be in good hands when you have virtual assistants in the fold. Running a business can be a stressful endeavor. If you are highly stressed, your productivity will be seriously compromised. Every additional unit of effort you put will not generate positive results. In fact, you may even do more harm than good. If you have not been able to get things done, take a breather and leave the virtual assistants to tend to the store. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

The nature of entrepreneurs is to keep their foot on the accelerator. They are afraid to slow down and miss opportunities. But by pushing themselves beyond what their minds and bodies are capable of, they are subjecting the business to greater wear and tear.

Remember that in today’s globally interconnected business economy, there is no more distinction between you and your enterprise. You are your business and your business is you. Take care of yourself and the business will prosper. When you are on the journey to entrepreneurial success, sometimes it pays to have companions. Hiring virtual assistants will help navigate your business toward success.