Mail Out Campaigns

Despite the popularity of e-mail and the age of social media, mail out campaigns are still heavily used in real estate because it yields results. It is one of the most overlooked, yet successful marketing tools in lead generation.


But successful marketing in real estate through mail-out requires volume. As direct marketing genius, Dan Kennedy said, “One is the worst number in marketing.” You must be persistent, dedicated but remain strategic when implementing a mail out campaign strategy.


Here are our guidelines for a successful mail out campaign:


  1. Identify your Target Market.

    In every marketing campaign regardless of tool or process, you must always identify who your target market is. Who would be interested in buying or patronizing your products and services? Once you have identified your target market; and there could be more than one, it would be more effective and efficient to send out mail in volume rather than covering one neighborhood or region at a time. In order to have a significant basis for determining the progress of your campaign, you must send out at least 500 correspondences.


  1. Implement a follow-up schedule.

    One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make when they implement a mail out strategy is lack of pursuit. You simply should not stop once you’ve sent out the first correspondence. A good rule of thumb in marketing is to schedule at least three mailings for each campaign. Unless a contact informs you to remove him or her from the list, you must assume everyone in your data base is a prospective customer. It is also important to customize each follow up letter. Make sure the content of your follow up letters reference the previous letters for consistency and for that all-important personal touch.


  1. Keep track of your leads.

    Leads are an asset in real estate and it pays to keep track on them so you can adjust your approach for greater efficiency and effectiveness. A good strategy would be to send at least two different mailings with distinct messaging to prospective customers. Then track down and record the response of the customer on each mailing on a spreadsheet.


  1. Draw immediate attention via headlines.

    There’s a reason why gossip magazines outsell the more respected magazines. People tend to gravitate more toward newsprint with attention grabbing headlines than those that are standard. When planning a mail out campaign, an important component of the strategy is the composition and content of the headline. It must make your letter stand out, grab the reader and pull him or her to read it. Some real estate agents employ copywriters who come up with at least 100 examples of attention grabbing headlines.


  1. Design an efficient system

    . Considering the volume of correspondence you need to send out, you have to design a system that would promote efficiency. You would be hard-pressed to do anything else if you were the only person composing, writing, licking envelopes and sending these out to contacts. There must be an automated system in place to improve efficiency otherwise you will not get much done. In marketing, less volume equates to less results.


As you can see, a mail out campaign requires a ton of work and will take up a large portion of your time. But it is a necessity in the highly-competitive real estate industry. A day where your efforts fall short of meeting mailing targets could be the day your competitor gets your prospective client.

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We will take the load off you and ensure your contacts are sent letters and materials based on the appropriate mailing schedule.

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