How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Assistants’ Skills

Many businesses nowadays are faced with difficulties due to technology advancements and the fast-paced lifestyle has significantly affected the way businesses operate. With the online market offering global exposure and potential growth, management of companies have turned to virtual mode. In many cases, the success of online businesses is attributed in large part to having an efficient and effective virtual assistantwho makes sure that the business is right on track every single day.

Many online entrepreneurs are still surprised by the unexpected skills offered by the virtual assistants they hire. In order to maximize the benefits you can derive from their skills, you may want to read through the following tips:

Skills Beyond Basic Administration

The majority of the virtual assistants offering their services are multi-taskers. They don’t just limit their capabilities in basic administration or clerical works. You can find a Virtual Assistant that can write code for your site, or do market research or find clients. Explore your virtual assistant’s skills and special talents by asking them if they can do things other than data entry or sending emails or setting appointments for you. You’d be surprised at what they can do.


Depending on the demands of your business, you might want to get a virtual assistant with a defined specialisation. For example, you can find a virtual assistant that is not only good at editing but can work around WordPress with ease. You can benefit from such expertise and specialised knowledge by assigning tasks that require such special skills. You are then assured of the quality of work they can provide because you know that they are knowledgeable in that field.

Hire More Virtual Assistants

Maximising on the skills of your virtual assistant does not mean overstretching their capabilities with an unreasonable workload. If you have the budget, hire more than one assistant. Get one virtual assistant to do bookkeeping. You can also hire one to manage social media and one to do all admin work. By distributing workloads according to their skill set, you are giving them the opportunity to provide quality work.

Centralize Communication

If your business requires multiple virtual assistants, it is necessary that you establish a centralised communication or project management system. This will help all virtual assistants track down tasks that are pending or need follow-up. Files are stored and organised in one system. Work progress is monitored. Milestones are recorded and messages are exchanged centrally.

No Micromanagement

Having top notch virtual assistants should give you more free time to manage other aspects of the business. If you are confident about the capability of your virtual assistants, you wont need to micromanage. They should be able to work independently with less input from you. If they can’t do that and you need to monitor their work by the hour, you need to find a new assistant.

The very essence of virtual assistants is to lessen your workload so that you can concentrate on matters that will help the business grow and expand. Your virtual assistant should be reliable and dependable enough to perform the tasks in the best possible way.