Managing Your Time As A Virtual Assistant

They say that one of the best things about being a virtual assistant is that you don’t need to get up early to be at the office at a certain time. Sounds great, but this can also be self-destructing if you abuse it and start mismanaging your time. Just because you have more flexibility, doesn’t mean you have the luxury to spend time in aimless activity.

Time management is actually more crucial for a virtual office worker for the simple reason that your time is up to you now, instead of your boss. So to avoid slacking around or doing nothing, the following could be some helpful tips to maximize the use of your time.

Designate a time for each task

A to-do list is a must-have for a virtual office worker. It is a very important time management tool. Now, the tip is to take one step forward by scheduling your tasks on your list. Instead of writing the things that you need to do, try to figure out what you need to do at 8:00am, 9:00 am, etc. This will help you decide on what to do first, and help you determine how much time you are spending for each task. It makes it easier for you to gauge how much task you can get done in a single day. By breaking your long to-do list into smaller and manageable tasks, you can get to finish more by molding yourself into an efficient virtual assistant.

Aside from a to-do list, you can also make a “what I’ve done list” to give you a little boost on your morale. It surely feels good to see a longer list of what you’ve done rather than seeing the endless tasks you need to accomplish.

Schedule even breaks, meals and bedtime


A virtual assistant should also learn to schedule a certain time to pamper oneself. Though tasks are piling up, designating a certain time for meals and sleep will be a big help in keeping on track. Remember that these three are important factors in your overall productivity. How do you expect to be quick and optimal if you’re not getting enough sleep? How can you do all your tasks if you don’t eat enough or don’t eat at all? It is as important to schedule these things as you need to schedule other tasks.

Get a Work-friendly space

Virtual Assistant - Work-Friendly Space

Since a virtual assistant works from home, one should make sure that you are in a workplace free from distractions. Preferably, you must keep your door shut to avoid being distracted by people passing by or by conversations down the hall. You can also use headphones to limit the noise. Being virtual takes a little more self-discipline. It’s something you need to develop first, else, planning your schedule or even time management won’t work for you.

A virtual assistant is commonly assigned with various tasks, and time management is a very significant tool to keep you going every day. This will help you accomplish your tasks and will even give you enough time for your personal needs.

Once you have learned to befriend your work with your time, you will be surprised with how much you can actually carry out within the day. You will also discover how important those little tasks contribute largely in your overall productivity as an employee. A productive and competent employee would be such a joy to manage to their clients.

Every one values time, it’s actually something we cannot buy. As, a cliché says, “time is gold”, and definitely it is. We are given 24 hours a day, and it’s actually up to us how to use it resourcefully though undeniably, some of us fail to do so. Some of our time is spent on things we don’t actually need to do. But if we could learn to handle our time, we could then spend our 24 hours doing more things than we used to.