Blogging has proven to have a huge effect on business today by updating their customers about their Products. Blogs are also one of the must-haves for a business to be labeled as credible especially when we are talking about online businesses.

Outsource your blog to a VA

Managing a blog on a regular basis is a lot of work. Thus personal assistant services can help you get the job done.

Managing a blog doesn’t stop in write ups and posting articles, there’s more. You need different ways to market your blog. This will be more attainable with the help of a virtual assistant. Research shows that businesses which market their blogs generate loads more traffic compared to those with stagnant or static web pages.

Now you have to create a list of blog directories to hand off to your blog virtual assistant and of course you will also need to create your step by step marketing plan or strategies.

There are on-going tasks that your friend online who renders virtual services can do for you to help with the daily management of your blog and web site.

Check out this good instructional guide from Chris Ducker.

Submission to blog directories

A blog directory is a specific type of web directory which focuses on listing blogs. Unlike a blog search engine, a blog directory is not based on keywords and a simple search. Rather, it is based on the concept of browsing, and categorization. Because of Google updates, many have stopped submitting to blog directories, but blog directories are still a good way to help get your blog to the market. Submitting your blog to blog directories is a time consuming task, so this may be a good task for your assistant to handle. There are also numbers of directories to submit your blog to, such as;


Submitting your blog to RSS Directories

RSS directories submission is a superior technique to obtain back links & traffic. RSS feeds provide a variety of opportunities for increasing traffic to your website. It is great for link building. RSS feed delivers all of your frequently updated content, not just for your latest blog posts. Aside from RSS directories you should also tell your VA to submit your blog to Google to generate and increase more traffic to your site.

There are also number of RSS where you can submit your blogs. Some of them are the following

Monitoring your blog mentions on the web

For your virtual employee to be able to monitor the mentions of your blog, she will be needing a very essential tool to do so – Google alerts. This is such a vital tool for you to know who has been talking about you and your business or your brand or products or services. By which way you can reach out and say thank you or if the comment comes in negative, you can find ways to fix things.

Having a blog isn’t just an easy thing and the processes just don’t stop with creating one. Regular and effective management is definitely a must. And as discussed, there are several ways to market your blog and create more traffic on the web. This is definitely a huge task, a task which your blog virtual assistant is capable of doing for you. You can always entrust all these managing, maintenance, and marketing tasks to your VA while you develop your business.

An Online worker can be such a great help in this part of your business. You get to grow your business online while you get to meet more potential clients outside the office. That is totally maximizing all your time and resources to attain your business’ success.