8 Tips To Motivate Your Online Assistant


More than technology and any advance gadgets, human resource is the prime asset of any company. The dedication and professionalism of your on-site staff, as well as your online assistant, contribute enormously to your success story. Thus, fostering loyalty and keeping your trained online assistants from getting pirated by competitors are real challenges for every company.

But how do you keep them motivated and interested in your project? How do you sustain the interest of your online assistants in providing you with top-quality service? How will you keep them performing at their best?

The quality of output rendered by your online assistants is directly proportional to the satisfaction they get from their jobs. And they might feel it on how you value them as workers and as a part of your company. How do you make them feel that they are an essential part to the success of your company? Or how do you make them feel like real employees?

The following might be some helpful tips for you to keep you online assistants motivated.


1. Give your online assistant an idea of your goals

Give your offshore workers a view of your business’ goals and objectives. It allows them to align their professional goals to your success. It also pushes the idea that a successful business is a reflection of quality work.


2. Acknowledge their knowledge as workers

You hire an online assistant primarily because of their skills. It will be a positive exercise for them if you occasionally ask for their ideas. Online assistants can do more than just administrative tasks. Maybe you could try picking their brains for new ideas as well.


3. Provide our online assistant with quality training

Offshore workers often consider training as one of the major perks. Provide training to enable them to identify the most challenging or difficult part of your business. It really takes some time to make themselves familiar with the nature of your business, the technicalities and even your culture. Confidence then follows from knowing that they have the right skills and knowledge for the job. Smoother project management will then be achieved as the relationship matures – so train them well.


4. Communicate clearly especially for business requirements

Mere documents or written directions are not enough to assure your desired result for the task. You have to be very clear with the instructions. You must always have an open communication with your online assistant to avoid frustrations. It will always be better if you make your remote staff understand the objective of every single task that will be given to them. Communication plays a very important role in the success of your business venture.


5. Respect their culture

Always remember that your online assistant is of a different nationality (mostly Filipino). Take time to get to know their approaches in various fields. Be aware also with their customs and traditions. As you become aware of your cultural differences, you can find better ways to make the team more receptive to your corporate culture and customs.


6. Provide budget for extended work hours

Sometimes your online assistant might need extended hours to accomplish the task. Be considerate enough with every hour spent and make them feel how much you value their time.


7. Recognize their achievements

A little word of praise will help boost their morale and would even make them work harder if they have felt that their hard work has been recognized. They will get more motivated to work even harder and push their limits. A little recognition of a job well done will not only make them feel that they have done a good job but will also make them feel that you have approved their job.


8. Pay your online assistant well

Outsourcing is commonly done for cost saving purposes but that doesn’t mean that you can scrimp on your online assistant’s paycheck. The job requires skills, knowledge and dedication so you need to pay your online assistant according to the wisdom that they bring for your company. If you pay them well, you will also then gain their trust and loyalty. Having a hard working, dedicated and loyal employee is a gem for the company.

The success of every business lies on the good relationship of the whole team. Having a good and harmonious relationship with your employees is sure to have a big impact in delivering good service to your customers as well. Following these 8 tips ensures that your online assistants are motivated, and you can definitely expect better results from them.