Why You Need To Outsource More of Your Marketing

Marketing plays a fundamental part in the growth and success of a business. To grow your network and be able to make your business known to customers, every company has to boost their marketing strategies.

Marketing tasks is a crucial job to do, it takes a lot of your time when you are just starting or growing a small business. Or so it was before the outsourcing services industry came into the picture. Outsourcing services is a strategic and tactical move for SMBs who want to grow. So when does a company need to decide to go for it?

Most companies would only outsource tasks that are not core to the business’ services. For instance, companies may outsource the task of writing a press release about an event, but not a position like that of developing strategies for innovation.

What’s right for your company then? Will outsourcing your marketing fit your business needs? Here are a couple of reasons why outsourcing your marketing tasks is a viable option you should consider.


Outsourcing Marketing ~ How to Get More Done in Less Time

1. You lack specific expertise for the marketing job so ask assistance from others – outsource.

Effective marketing includes a team of experts and professionals, which may include a strategist, analyst, technologists, communications professionals, advertising specialists, telemarketers, copywriters and sometimes a webmaster.

Sometimes, some of those professionals are unavailable or inadequate in your area. There are valuable things that need to be considered in marketing, like understanding customers, their demographics, preferences, and buying criteria. This is the life’s blood of any company. However, most product-driven companies do not have enough people with the requisite skill sets.

Furthermore, many organisations, most of the time do not have the skills to use marketing tools optimally or effectively. In such situations, outsourcing your marketing is recommended.

2. You want to manage more costs as variable expenses

Marketing organisations need to quickly adapt to sudden changes in customer demographics and markets. It is also important to take advantage to immediate opportunities. As such, for these reasons, outsourced marketing creates a greater level of flexibility as compared to doing it yourself. Once maximised, it will generally be more cost effective if you are going to consider the maintaining tasks issues. You can also avoid delays by changing priorities and can also respond immediately to customers’ needs.

3. You want to focus on the insight, not operations.

Consider the mixed skills of your marketing team. There will be ones who focus on various areas of your marketing strategy. These people are the ones who handle the core functions of the organisation. They are considered as the brain trusts.

You can of course build a team from your in house staff but to be blunt, outsourced marketing will make you focus more on the more important tasks that you need to do for your company as you entrust to your outsourced staff the marketing needs of your business.

4. You need a rapid growth.

During business growth phases, it is usually faster and cheaper to choose to outsource your marketing than to hire and train in house staff. With outsourced marketing, you get to market new products quickly on a wide range of network. Thus, outsourced marketing is a wise choice if you are trying to chase business opportunities for your company’s rapid growth.

With the rapid changes on customer’s demographics and buying criteria, you must go along with the flow of marketing your products quickly. Being aware of the immediate changes on these various factors will also make you respond to your customers’ needs in real time. Truth is, you can never handle this alone. Chasing business opportunities to expand or grow your company means you have to focus on more valuable and crucial tasks. Thus, you need to pass other tasks to an outsourced team or virtual assistant. You can focus on your own role as you let them take care of your marketing needs.

Marketing is actually a huge task for you to handle alone. Delegating legwork to an outsourced team will generally help you in various strategies of your business. It is important that you can focus increasing your revenue and strategies in growing your business. In general, outsourcing can help lessen the stress from the many tasks that you need to accomplish to grow your business.
Outsourced marketing makes sense for companies that don’t utilise a large, in-house marketing team. You might have a few contractors devoted to your website, your email list, your newsletter, your social media strategy—i.e. all those big items you keep avoiding. Reasonably, you don’t need the overheads that entails hiring a full-time web developer, designer, copywriter, SEO or PPC consultant, etc.