Why You Need To Put Your Remote Staff on Probation

When you first hire a virtual assistant, also called remote staff, it is essential for you to introduce a probationary period. This period will give you the chance to assess the virtual assistant’s capability and reliability and at the same time, it will also give the VA th e chance to know whether or not they can do the job.

You have to assess whether the person you just hired is the right person for your business needs. Thus, having a 30-90 days trial period is a good idea. This is to guarantee business owners that the remote staff they have just hired will help them grow the business and give them more time to focus on the core aspects of the industry.

Remote Communication Tools

Essentially, when you decide to outsource and hire a virtual assistant, there are a few things that business owners have to keep in mind. Having staff on probation is a crucial part of the process thus, communication is vital. Basically, you need to be there to provide assistance. You have to set a time to be available for any queries that your remote staff may ask.

This is also the stage where you exchange ideas, run through systems together, discuss clear objectives, and define standard processes. To make your business more profitable and productive, it is best to have a virtual assistant who is fully equipped with the right skills and can work independently.

To make sure you are both always on the same track, you have to be clear and transparent with your online remote staff. Another essential thing to keep in mind is to set your expectations. You will most likely agree when I say that, it is a lot easier to work with someone who shares the same goals with you. One way to do this is by having a contract or a set of guidelines which both of you would agree on the terms and conditions.

Always remember to be fair and honest – business owners should also consider their VA’s abilities when setting expectations. Setting realistic goals to  remote staff is very important.

Lastly, know the value of rewards. When you find that your newly hired virtual assistant has become a superstar – it can be paramount to give rewards. It would not hurt to increase your VA’s rate after a successful completion of the probationary period.   This is a good approach to motivate workers to strive and perform at their highest.  At the end of the day, you have both came to a win-win situation.


When you have finally decided to keep your remote staff for good, be constantly persistent. Keep open communication, and always consider both ends to ensure a good long-term working relationship.