Online Assistant – How to Earn While Doing Minimal Work

Today’s business landscape has evolved significantly. The rat race is no longer appealing to most entrepreneurs. A growing number of small business owners have left their 8-5 jobs to start their own companies. They, too, have discovered that they can earn more without exerting the same amount of effort they did in their previous job. Timothy Ferris’ famous book “The Four-Hour Workweek” showed that this can be done. One of the things he highlighted there is the use of an online assistant or virtual assistant (VA). This highly skilled professional can help you with business tasks that allow you to work less but accomplish much. So how can you start doing this?

Determine your passions.

What do you like to do? Do you want to start an online marketing business? Are you good at training people? Perhaps you want to create webinars and teach people across the globe. Are you brimming with creative juices to make websites and web content more attractive and compelling? Pinpoint the very thing you want to do—that thing that doesn’t feel like work when you do it. You should be doing that and nothing else.

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Look at your current cost.

Before you can even think of profit, look at the areas where you are spending a lot of your finances. How’s your overhead cost? Are you paying too much for your office space? How many people do you have? Are they all performing to the level expected of them? After giving a thorough assessment, think of ways to lower your current spending like considering work-from-home setup for some of your employees. Perhaps it’s time to downsize your office and your team to give way to more efficient use of your resources. These savings will help augment your net earnings as well.

Start delegating.

There are many things that go on when you run a business. Some tasks are just not in your league. You need to delegate these to an efficient team. Hiring VAs has become a norm for most companies. Online assistants are not only good in administrative tasks. You can find prolific writers, creative web designers, smart IT programmers, efficient social media managers, tech-savvy accountants, and many more! Do not underestimate the global talent pool at your disposal. You can practically have a virtual business and run it just fine.

Educate yourself.

The most successful business leaders have learned a thing or two from other business gurus. You shouldn’t stop learning and equipping yourself about the latest industry trends and best practices. The great thing about the internet is that you can access almost everything you need for free. Start looking at success stories of business owners who have mastered the art of minimal effort and maximum profit. Be open to new tools and platforms offered in the web. You can benefit a lot from free project management tools and cloud-based solutions which can complement your virtual team.

Gone are the days when being an office slave is the measure of success. More and more companies are becoming output-based. It doesn’t matter how you get things done as long as you get it done. Always keep your end-goal in mind and look for ways to accomplish it by doing the things you love. Stick to your passions and the things you enjoy doing. It may not fall into the category of “doing a lot” but that’s not the gauge of success anymore. It’s all about the end-result. When you see profits coming in you’ll realize that it really doesn’t matter how many hours you put into it. You’ll even be surprised that this kind of work dynamic is possible!

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