5 Jobs You Should NEVER Outsource!

Nowadays, everyone else is doing it. Every business tends to outsource, and why not? The efficiency of outsourcing has been proven over the years. Plus, outsourcing benefits everybody. Yes, everybody. And I’m not even exaggerating. A 2003 study by Michael W. Klein, Scott Schuh, and Robert K. Triest shows that the benefits of trade outweigh costs by 100 percent. When you outsource, it means you made your final output with lower cost which leads to a lower price. So, getting an online assistant will benefit not only you but also your economy in the long run.

However, some company roles are meant to be internally-restricted, meaning no matter what happens NEVER outsource them.

Employee Development

According to University of Minnesota, successful employee development requires a balance between an individual’s career needs and goals and the organization’s need to get work done. Clearly, it says that employee development is a joint effort between you and your employees. Third-party people are really not a necessity. You have all the rights and capabilities to evaluate your employees and determine how to upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities. You know them better than anyone.

One more thing: Instead of thinking to outsource it (which is unlikely), why not consult experts for industry best practices? What applies to others may not apply to your company, but you can modify a method or training to suit your corporate culture.


Of course, this one is given. You cannot hire virtual guards. After all, who wants to stay awake all night watching CCTV footage inside a building thousands of miles away from him? But aside from building security, there is another security that your company needs, especially if the arena you are into is information technology.

Network security. You can outsource expert assistance like vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and consulting. But not network security management. It is too central to a company and needs too much individual attention. Of course, it is about your company’s security so if you want to keep things handy and secured every time, do not outsource it.

Executive Leadership

Executive leadership, especially for start-ups, should be lean and uncomplicated. Of course, you wouldn’t want your managers to be outsourced. You want people who have the same vision for the company, and you can find them in-house. There’s nothing smart in looking outside for someone you can trust as manager.

Termination Management

Sometimes, a goodbye is much better… but you don’t need to outsource it. While firing employees is a reality for everyone else who’s into business, it remains a confidential matter. Only you know how competitive your employees are, what are their skills, knowledge and assets valuable to the company. There’s no point in hiring somebody else to evaluate who to fire and not. It is best to leave the situation to someone inside who knows how to handle it perfectly well with the company’s best interest in mind.

Can ALL jobs in America be outsourced?

Financial Services

While you can outsource basic bookkeeping and accounting, financial decisions crucial to your company should be kept inside. Own the vision you have for your company including the investments. Only you and your team can determine what financial move is the best for your company. You can always ask for outside perspective and it might be helpful as well but you always have the final say.

Outsourcing indeed means efficiency, but to an extent. You simply cannot outsource roles which handle very confidential company information or situation. Sometimes, it’s better to stick to your in-house employees for the company’s best interest.