Outsource Your Website Management: Outwit Your Competition


Online marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to grow your network today. Most online marketing tools involve communicating though written words but can also be as complex as audio-visual media. To be recognized as an established company, your company must have a website that has pages with information about your business, products or services. You may also have a blog that publishes articles on a regular basis. Some companies even have newsletters that they send every week or every month. Furthermore, some even post press releases and reports on their page.

That’s quite a pile of tasks isn’t it? You might wonder whether or not you can even do all of these yourself. You can try. Or would you rather opt to outsource a website content manager? Writing is a very hard and time consuming task indeed, so you might consider outsourcing this task to a virtual assistant.

The following are few questions that might help you figure out whether or not you should do the task your own or hire an outsourced website content manager.


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How much time do you usually consume in doing write-ups, like blog content, newsletter, articles or other types of content?

Most people consume a few hours or even a day and some even a week to complete a sensible write up. We just have to admit it, not all of us really have the skills to write even our own thoughts. It takes a lot of time to produce a thoroughly written, well researched, and grammatically correct article. Remember that writing is a recurring need, more so if you are going to publish more than once a week.

The moment you figure out the amount of time it takes you to write an article or any other content that you need for your business marketing; you can determine if it’s worth it to invest such an amount of your time in writing or should you consider hiring an outsourced website manager.

Does the thought of writing an article excite you or drain you?

Truth is, you will actually spend time and energy trying to do things that you are actually not gifted at. Chances are, you’ll drain yourself in doing so. In that case, choosing hiring an outsourced website manager would definitely be an option for you.

On the other hand, if you are determined to do your own content, then you must develop a writing habit to help you produce good material for your business marketing campaign.

Does it financially make sense to do your own content?

As your business grows, you must consider the amount of time you will be consuming if you decide to do your own content, and again, you have to keep in mind that you are going to do this on a regular basis. Considering you have the writing skills, will you really devote your time doing this than developing your products or finding potential clients?

If you get tied up doing this task, you might miss the chance of bringing growth to your company.

In deciding if it’s the right time for you to choose an outsource website manager or still do the work yourself, you can do a hands on experiment.

Try doing your own blog content, newsletter, reports and other articles or whatever writing you need for your website. Try doing this for a month, then ask yourself at the end of the month…

Did you consistently produce all the content needed?

Is the quality of the articles you’ve done something you and your company can be proud of? Not all intelligent and skilled people have skills in writing. They may just be good in other aspects. Are you doing really well in writing content? Can your writing skills represent you in a professional manner?

Did the time you spend in doing your own content affect other aspects of your business?

Is the time you devoted for writing your own content well spent, or could you have done something important instead?

The next part of the experiment would be trying an outsource website content manager, and letting him/her take care of your web content. At the end of the month, try asking yourself these questions:

Was I satisfied with the quality of the writer’s work? Was it done in a timely manner? Did I feel less stressed? Have I innovated enough to bring more revenue for your business?

You might be surprised with the results. At the end of this experiment, you can now better decide if you’ll continue doing your own content or have an outsource website manager take care of it for you.