Outsourcing Services – Why You Need A Social Media Specialist

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out Facebook every time there are new changes? Are you tired of going from one social media site to another just to update your profile status? Why not hire a social media-expert virtual assistant that will help you out?

Social media is a wide world for business owners. What you do in social media for your business may not be enough especially when you always lack time; lots of work to do in the office, family or personal affairs, and business meetings. When will you have enough time to update your profile or fan page just to keep up with the competition in your business niche? This is where outsourcing services can help you by finding you a social media specialist. Keeping an expert in social media at your side is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make.

Most business owners know that social media is a great help to improve their business. It is one of the best tools to market your business online. Finding your business even if it is miles away from customers will be just a click away from everybody’s computer.


The only problem is – how can you keep up with the ever changing social media sites with your very limited time? There is one solution – an assistant. Not just any assistant, but a social media specialist virtual assistant. His/her expertise in social media will make things easier for you and your business.

The Benefits of Having a Social Media Virtual Assistant:

• Having someone to regularly put up pages, update statuses, and manage your account increases business exposure and also builds more lists to your business.

• He/she can constantly post articles to your business website, upload videos and images relevant to your business.

• Keeps your profile up to date with any changes on various social media site.

• Takes care of your business’ social media marketing.

• Getting positive reviews and answering promptly to queries.

Here are some great pointers on how to choose and eventually hire a social media-expert virtual assistant:

a. List and compile all your social media sites with their passwords.

This may not be given importance because of the limited time you have. Mostly, passwords are forgotten especially when a specific social media site is rarely visited and updated. This will keep you from frequently setting up new accounts and avoids confusion, especially to your customers, as to which page or account to follow or refer to. This would also help loyal customers be updated with everything in your business.

b. List down your goals for your social media sites.

Your social media-expert virtual assistant will be your overseer in all of your social media sites. If you want to have videos or images or specific content on your page, list that down. Same if you want to update status everyday or everyweek.

c. Check on your social media-expert virtual assistant.

Your online assistant may know a lot more than just doing social media tasks. Always take time to know your virtual assistant as he/she could be an asset to your business – or – he/she could bring disaster to your business as well. It is always better to perform a skills test prior to hiring your prospective social media-expert virtual assistant. Know how familiar is he/she with the different social media platforms and what is his/her limitations. You may also want to check his/her own social media pages. We do not want your business or name be ruined by an incompetent virtual assistant who just pretended to be an expert.

d. Choose a Competent, Proficient and a Professional Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Whether part time or full time, the assistant should be a professional. Always ask for testimonials or references if possible. It would also help if they could provide some samples of their previous work.

e. Be concise with your rules and instructions.

Your social media-expert VA will be working away from your office so always be concise with your instructions. Be specific with everything you want him/her to do. Be clear with what your goal is, what you want to achieve, and what you want to convey to your customers and subscribers.

f. Keep your lines open with your assistant.

Always take time to check in. He may have an important question or a good suggestion, one great way to help him out fast is to keep your communication lines open with him/her, may it be email, chat, or phone – you decide.

Hiring a social media specialist virtual assistant will make your life way easier and less stressful. It will make your business look customer-friendly, approachable, and catch further attention. Ultimately, more and more client or consumer will be able to reach you.