Hire Personal Assistant Services and Get the Most out of Life!

In today’s fast-paced, increasingly mobile world, hiring virtual personal assistant services is a necessity. If you’re the business owner, the fine-line between the professional world and the personal world has been blurred and often encroached.

The simple truth is your business is who you are. Business owners are not constrained by work hours. Business owners are not required to punch in and out of a Bundy clock. Business owners will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Unfortunately, as business scales up there is less time to do everything that needs to get the job done. Work piles up, your time is stretched out and the Law of Diminishing Returns sets in: The higher the volume of work done, the lower the returns.

Hiring virtual personal assistant services is the best solution. A Virtual Personal Assistant is a person who works online or in the virtual world and is contracted to do personal assistant services tasks. The only difference between a Virtual Personal Assistant and a Virtual Assistant is the specific descriptor “personal” which implies work outside the scope of the business.

The typical workload of a Virtual Personal Assistant or VPA involves tasks and responsibilities that are more personal in nature and cannot be attended to by the business owner because of a busy work schedule. Some of these personal tasks include:

  1. Making dinner reservations
  2. Making travel arrangements
  3. Searching for the best restaurants
  4. Checking movie schedules
  5. Checking on the availability of laundry
  6. Reminders on birthdays
  7. Making floral arrangements
  8. Sending gifts or packages online
  9. Answering phone calls
  10. Responding to family obligations

But VPA’s are also qualified to handle part of your office workload. Most VPA’s were Virtual Assistants or VA’s at one point and have the requisite skills, experience and are familiar with the work that needs to be done. Business owners outsource non-essential tasks to VA’s in order to free up more time to handle core functions. These non-essential tasks include the following:

  1. Appointment setting
  2. Calendar management
  3. Confirming meetings
  4. Filtering of e-mail
  5. Limited communication
  6. Payroll Preparation
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Bookkeeping
  9. Website management
  10. Research

Hiring a VPA offers these advantages:

  • Lowers cost – The total expenses for a VPA are significantly lower than those of a regular office assistant. The VPA is only paid a fixed hourly rate per productive hour. In other words, you only pay for the actual hours worked. A regular office assistant is paid a monthly salary which means he or she gets paid for the entire 8 hour shift regardless if only 90 minutes of actual work was rendered. The average fee charged by a VPA for his or her services averages AUS$7 to AUD$10 per productive hour. A regular office assistant starts off at AUD$20 per hour and has to be paid government mandated and company benefits. Read more about hiring a VA benefits.
  • Saves time– In business, time is one of the most important elements for success. You have to be able to allocate sufficient time to handle activities that present the highest rate of return to your business. By delegating non-essential tasks to your VPA, you will be able to attend to the crucial aspects of the enterprise in time and according to schedule.
  • Reduce stress– Stress is the biggest threat in business. Stress has been identified as one of the leading causes of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. A VPA can take the load off you and do a commendable job at the same time. You can get more things done and best of all, your VPA can be a good source of feedback because he or she can be objective in giving advice and suggestions.

A VPA does not only help you manage your business. He or she can help you manage your life.