How To Persuade A Client That You’re The Best For The Job

Did you know that more than 2 billion people surf the net every day? Not just that. For every second eight new users join you as you browse the latest internet trend. And, I’m not yet done: 45.5% of those internet users are looking for jobs. Yes, they even cover that client you have wanted all your life.

Convincing Powers!

Don’t lose heart! Despite your competitors, you can ACTUALLY convince that client that you’re the best virtual assistant for the job. That’s not too complicated. Really. You don’t have to memorize an ancient magic spell ‘cause your wand is inside your skull – your brain!

You got everything you need, buddy. So take a look at these steps that may help you nail that job.

3 Simple Tips to Building a Successful VA

Flaunt your skills

It’s important to qualify for the job requirements, BUT won’t it be greater if you exceed many of them? That makes you the most efficient and effective virtual assistant your client will love to have! Highlight your skills – budgeting, creating business and marketing plans, contracts and agreements and time management. Whatever skills you perceived to be of relevance to your client should not be hiding under your hat.

Flaunt your knowledge

If the client requires you to have a basic understanding of business operation, show him that you do not only understand it but you know very well how it works. Show him what you know. If you really know something you must be able to describe it perfectly well, and use it perfectly well. If you know a tool, then show your client that you indeed use it and not just babbling around.

Flaunt your willingness

Qualifying for the job and willingness to do the job are entirely two different stories. What’s the qualification for if you are not willing to work? I would rather hire someone who is willing to work and learn than someone who just wants all the compensation and benefits without the hardships.

Flaunt your ambition

You have a goal in life. Yeah, right? Give your best shot and show your client that you don’t have plans to simply stay as you are right now.
Passion without the goal is just a passion. You need ambition to drive you where you want to be. Aim to be the best – whether it’s the best virtual assistant for your client or the best family member for your siblings or the best friend for your dog. NO matter what – strive.
Do you want to learn more, know more and do more? Then, show your client what you want – and act upon it.
No one else will accomplish it for you. Get up and do what needs to be done.

When it comes to describing the internet, competitive is an understatement. So be sure to bring out the best you have to impress your client. Show him that his investment is not in vain.