How the Philippines is Making a Name in the Outsourcing Arena

In the world of BPO or outsourcing, countries in Asia top the list especially for US-based companies that are in need of virtual support staff. Asia has become the prime destination for outsourced jobs since the boom of this special industry.

The reasons are obvious. US-based companies can get the services they need at a much lower rate or cost. Whether they need web designers or article writers or account managers or call centers, workers in any Asian country charge at a fraction of what US workers charge. For this reason alone, the US and other foreign companies (from the UK, Australia, or Canada) that require some of their functions outsourced to a third party, are justified in selecting outsourcing companies from the Philippines or other Asian counterparts.

In reality, the BPO Sector in Asia is a battle between India and the Philippines. Both countries share the qualifications most US companies look for in an outsourcing partner. Workers from the Philippines are known for their excellent English skills. And the fact that the Philippines is more familiar with the American culture makes it more in the position to understand what the US companies want in terms of output and work results. Other qualities like reliability, honesty, trustworthy, patience, resourcefulness and creativity, are some of the more favored advantages of Philippine workers over its competitors.

With the increasing demand for BPO workers, and with more contracts landing in the Philippines outsourcing sector, the Philippines has capitalized on its professional unemployed workforce to train for the skills required by offshore clients. Thus, an unprecedented growth in outsourcing sector has been recorded in the past few years. The BPO and outsourcing sector in the Philippines has been a big contributor in the country’s economy, making it an important industry of modern times.

In fact, based on the information released by World Bank through the Philippines Quarterly Update (PQU), part of what will strengthen the economic growth of the Philippines will come from the rise of jobs in the outsourcing sector.

Additionally, the IBPAP or the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines, the Philippine information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) released data that the outsourcing industry has employed 776,794 people at the end of 2012, adding 137,066 new jobs. This is proof of the country’s popularity as a reliable outsourcing partner for US, UK, Australian or Canadian counterparts.

This trend has led market leaders to predict that the Philippines will be able to reach the target of 1.3 million employment by 2016 for this particular industry sector alone.

Why is the Philippines favored by offshore clients?

The Philippines has made a name for itself in the international scene in the outsourcing arena because of the incredible pool of talent the country has. These professional outsourcing talents may have started as freelance talents who have left an incredible impression with their employers in terms of their talent, professionalism, honesty, integrity, good working attitude and best practices. The Filipino workers are hardworking people and this has made them quite known in the international scene.

Without a doubt, the Philippines will continue to shine in the outsourcing world. Talent and skills can be learned. But the heart and soul of the dedicated workers from the Philippines cannot be imitated. And this will make the Philippines a preferred destination for outsourcing jobs for as long as there is a demand for talented, driven and dedicated workers.

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