Remote work might be on everyone’s lips right now, but it’s not a new concept by all means. Ever since the 1970s and the rise of telecommuting, we’ve had one or another form of remote work present in the world. Today, all a worker needs to have a stable job is an internet connection and a way to look for employment. This phenomenon motivated companies to start hiring people from all over the world since the restrictions of geography were no longer important. Outsourcing your workforce and recruitment program is a great trend today so if your company wants to hop in, here are a few things to remember:

Choose a good partner

To outsource your recruitment, you first need to choose a recruitment provider. This is a very important work relationship, so don’t make your choice lightly. Find several agencies that offer recruitment outsourcing and review their websites. Consider everything from their services to their prices, background, references from other clients and rate of success. It’s also crucial for your new partner to comply with all regulations and laws. Once everything fits, you can choose your recruiting agency.

Write a detailed job ad

In order to attract the right people and satisfy your search for talent, your recruitment agency needs to have a detailed explanation of the position you want to be filled. Your job description needs to be extensive, clarifying all your needs and workers’ obligations. Also, state the number of new workers you need and their requirements like specific skills, work experience, level of expertise, and additional skills (driver’s license, foreign language, etc.) This way, you’ll speed up the process of finding new talent that will be a great fit for your company.

Select the right payroll management solution

If you want to have a smooth and streamlined operation, you naturally need to find high-quality talent through experienced recruiters. However, that’s not all. It’s also necessary to have practical tools at your disposal when it comes to managing your contingent workforce. The trick is that temp workers and independent contractors require specific management because of their unique legal status—this is where you might need some outside help in order to keep everything legal. A great solution is to invest in contractor payroll services and solutions from reputable providers. With their systems in place, you can rest assured that all your payment cycles will be respected, plus you can enjoy many other effective solutions to potential payroll issues. With different experts in payroll management on your side, you can rest assured your contract workers are managed well through a combination of automated interactions and human assistance. All processes will be completed in time and in compliance with the laws.


Discuss details with recruiters

Discuss with the recruiters the level of your involvement in the process of candidate screening. Do you want to be involved in various recruitment processes and do you want to be present at interviews? This is the right time to also settle on a deadline for hiring, as well as for settling on the right type of hiring reports you want to see. Choose the channel of communication you’ll be using throughout the process. And make sure to be alert and prompt when replying—in many parts of the world, talent is in high demand, so your hiring process needs to go quickly.

Take part in the selection process

Your external provider certainly has a lot of power when it comes to hiring, but they shouldn’t have all the power. Since you’re the employer looking for workers, make sure to be active in selecting people. Give people fair and ethical job offers once you make your selection, and don’t wait too much.

Keep candidates informed

You definitely need to invest time and effort into keeping your current workforce motivated and happy, but the applicants waiting to become a part of your company are also important. Before, recruiters had a huge number of remote talents to choose from, and today, job seekers have the same opportunities to choose and take their time. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep candidates posted about their applications and give everyone feedback, even those who didn’t get the job. This way, your company will build a good reputation and you won’t lose precious talent to the competition because you kept them in the dark for too long.

With the right people on your side, remote recruitment can be quick, easy and effective. Keep things simple and straightforward and your business will be blessed with amazing talent from all over the world.