In many industries – especially those that depend on client communications – having a virtual helping hand has a huge impact on the quality of customer service. This is especially so in the real estate industry since it requires continuous high-quality customer service.

Thanks to virtual assistants, real estate companies are starting to see their emerging value. Property managers who work at their desks or from home are becoming more and more dependent on VAs to help them with their daily tasks.

Find out the core reasons why you need a property management virtual assistant to ensure your real estate business reaches ultimate success.

What’s a Property Management Virtual Assistant?

Simply put, a property management virtual assistant is a remote staff member that does tasks relating to property management.

With a virtual assistant, your real estate business can get the general administrative work and other non-core tasks done faster.

Virtual assistants vary due to their experience and expertise. Sometimes, it becomes hard for a VA to cope with a new system process.

That’s why you should make your VA understand your company’s processes thoroughly. In addition, you can provide internal training. So that they become suitable for your business quickly.

Top 10 Advantages of Using a Virtual Property Management Service

The following reasons should convince you why you need a property management virtual assistant to outsource non-core property management services to speed up your business processes.

1. Affordability

Hiring a VA for property management is very cost-effective. It’s much cheaper than hiring one on a monthly salary. You can pay at hourly rates. Plus, there is no training or hiring cost.

Furthermore, your real estate company might not have to pay for several things like social security, medical services, unemployment benefits, and more.

2. Updated Information

A business needs the latest information to run activities. Property management virtual assistants may be skilled at using various tools and software. It helps your business remain up to date.

A VA can collect the data, store it, and show it whenever you need it. Updated information can help a business to make better decisions.

3. Lower Absenteeism

For specific reasons, an assistant working at the office may take frequent leaves. This could hamper your business’s daily activities, customer service, and overall efficiency.

The solution to that problem is virtual assistants. They can manage time wisely while working from home. There’s less absence from work, which also increases the chance for better results.

4. Worldwide Talent

A person can work virtually from anywhere in the world. If you hire a VA, you get the chance to gather the best talent for your work. You don’t need to limit your opportunities by hiring only local property management assistants.

Outsourcing can bring new talents without increasing costs. In fact, It decreases operational costs and enhances productivity.

5. Enhanced Performance

VAs can increase business performance. You can delegate the assistant role to a virtual assistance system.

They are well trained and skilled enough to do the work. It increases the dollar value of productive work and gives high-quality service.

It also gives you a chance to focus on core operations and make plans for new tasks. Plus, you also get time to train your local employees to work on critical cases.

Outsourcing a property management assistant means more efficiency, which means more revenues and profits for your business.

6. Streamline Operations

A virtual property management assistant smoothly streamlines operations. There will be no unpaid bills, forgotten duties, missed meetings, or missed schedules. You don’t even need to supervise them. They know what they need to do.

It’s essential to make sure the documents and system processes are correct. If you don’t have the proper system, your virtual assistant can help you create them.

7. More Flexibility

Besides the flexibility of wage payments, property management virtual assistants are also flexible in terms of work schedules. They can work outside the traditional working hours and help your business reach your productivity goals more easily.

8. Work-life Balance

Property managers spend their days doing lots of work. They often remain so busy that they forget to enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend. Thanks to the VAs for saving time, sanity, and money. They can manage urgent work and let the manager take a breather. It decreases their work load and errors.

Our associate, buyers agent Search Party Property, advocate for working smart in business generally and use multiple strategies to achieve their goals, for example turning problems into opportunities. They also pass this mindset on to their customers to achieve a quality work life balance in their property journey.

9. Data Protection

Your VA can even manage data for your business. But they will also ensure data privacy. Sensitive data getting out can be dangerous for the organization. A well-qualified virtual assistant always ensures data safety.

Building trust is mandatory when you are hiring a property management virtual assistant. It brings peace to work. You get confidence in your VA about accomplishing a job perfectly.

10. Assisting Clients

Customers often ask a variety of questions. Let your real estate virtual assistant communicate with clients. They have the right skills in communication and can reply to customers’ emails within a short lead time.

Furthermore, VAs can also make marketing presentations and designs. They keep you updated with the client’s interactions and provide detailed information.


Hiring a qualified property management virtual assistant is required for better service.

To get the best from the virtual assistants, try to maintain a good and trustworthy relationship. If you manage to build a great, cohesive working relationship, it will last for a long time and be beneficial for the success of your real estate business.